The Catalina Express is a passenger ferry that takes passengers from Avalon, Two Harbors on Santa Catalina Island, San Pedro, Long Beach and Dana Point on the coast of Southern California. Founded in 1981, this ferry service has provided a great service for the people of SoCal for many years and now is equipped with 8 vessels that can make the trip to Catalina from the mainland in under an hour. With such an excellent service, maintenance is incredibly important. Meeting Coast Guard standards requires a huge amount of effort, inspection and repair. They reached out to us to give them a complete 3D scan of one of their 200 passenger ship hulls.

It was done during a routine maintenance interval so the vessel was on dry dock and getting new paint and freshly overhauled engines. The key for us on any job is to make sure we do not interfere with the regular day-to-day operations and repairs. Equipped with the Faro Focus 3D, this is extremely easy. By strategically placing targets and scanning points along the outside of the ship as well as underneath the large hull, we were able to capture the amount of data to create a Solidworks model of this giant vessel.

With our scan of the exterior hull of the ship, our client was able to make the necessary repairs to meet Coast Guard standards and get back out to sea. For more information about Catalina Express, click here. For more information regarding our 3D scanning services, click here.