The Catalina Express is a year-round passenger ferry service that takes the good people of SoCal from the ports of Long Beach, San Pedro & Dana Point to the iconic island of Catalina, located just 22 miles off the coast. Catalina Express, started in 1981, is now equipped with 8 high speed vessels that take passengers to Catalina in under an hour, offering a quick & easy getaway. With offering such a great service, maintenance and repair are essential for the safety of their passengers and crew. In oder to speed up this process, they called us to do a full 3D scan of the entire hull of one of their 200 passenger vessels.


Equipped with our Faro Focus 3D, we strategically placed targets and scanning points around the exterior of the ship and underneath the hull. In a matter of hours, we had a completed 3D pointcloud model. With the data and model we gave them, the folks at Catalina Express were able to successfully complete their maintenance & repairs up to Coast Guard standards and was back out on the water in no time. To learn more about Catalina Express, click here. To learn more about how our long range 3D laser scanning services can help you and your current & future projects, click here.

boat scanning
deviation image
3D CAD of Hull