Accident Scene Reconstruction Done By 3D Scanning

Who you gonna call? 3D scanning services!

Day in and day out, cars are rushing here and there. People are going to work, going to school, heading to the malls, etc. When they are going through the daily grind, the only thing going through their minds is where they are going. That is, until the unexpected happens. Someone comes out of nowhere and smashes into the side of the car. At that moment, all things come to a stop. It is definitely a rude interruption to life when such things happen. It especially is when there is a serious injury. The hard reality though is that when such things happen, the world doesn’t stop. The lanes must be cleared and people need to get by so that they can get on with business. Unfortunately, roads are usually blocked for quite a while when there is a wreck. Getting things moving again it isn’t as simple as just dragging or driving things to the side of the road so people can pass. Evidence needs to be collected for insurance and legal purposes. Who you gonna call? Not Ghostbusters.

Getting it done

The good news is that 3D scanning services are here to help. They are solve that problem by get things moving again faster. Generally when a wreck occurs, everyone has to wait until the police arrive to investigate the incidents. Depending on the situation, the traffic either bottlenecks at the scene or it may be blocked completely. And it stays that way until they can get pictures and gather all the evidence needed before anything can be moved. There is no way around it. The data must be collected. When it comes time to deal with it in court or talk insurance, they will need to look at a all that data (i.e. speed, skid marks, trajectories, impact, and more) to determine fault. But now, with 3D scanning, a lot of the needed information can be captured in a rather short amount of time so that there need not be such a long backup of cars.

The best man for the job

3D scanning services are perfect for the crime and accident investigation scene. Such technology allows the investigators to go in and take a rather quick sweep of the scene and store it in digital form. Using the collected data, engineers can reconstruct a 3D model of the accident. This has a huge advantage for answering specific question about the accident after it happened. Insurance companies and lawyers alike will be able to get a 3D view of the exact accident scene. This will help them reach their own conclusion about what happens at the moment of impact. Of course this won’t eliminate the need for eye-witnesses, but it will help those involved to determine the believability of the testimonies. For example, the driver of the car says that he was only going 10 miles per hour, but the 3D model of the crash might show that the degree of damage could only have been caused at high speed.  This gives investigators better clues to as to how to decide a case, and it gives insurance companies better information to decide who is at fault.

The end result of using 3D scanning services for accident reconstruction, of course, is going to be a gain for everyone.  Of course, we hope that no one gets in a wreck, but if there is a wreck, things can get moving more quickly again.

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