Adidas Adopts New Tech For Their Sneakers

Bringing 3D laser technology into the world of fashion

Tech fashion is slowly emerging as an industry but is gradually becoming popular. As consumers, we love seeing robots sewing our shoes together, 3D laser scanning devices helping us create custom made shoes, and artificial intelligence creating unique pieces that are must haves in our wardrobe. Adidas is a huge brand known for its sportswear and has now adopted some of the coolest technology in the world.

As 3D laser scanning emerges, we continue to see more fashion apparel brands and retail stores adopt this technology. Many designers have been hesitant to use this technology, but as we see, bigger brands like Adidas use it, we can be assured that it will continue to be adopted throughout the years to come.

Adidas has created a new shoe that was not sewn together in a typical way but forged like you would see a piece of metal. How? Easy! 3D printing. Adidas already has a library full of models, scans taken from 3D laser scanning devices, and more. They were able to use these scans to mold, shape, and print a better fitting shoe than any previous versions of Adidas shoes.

Why 3D laser scanning and printing is useful in fashion

There are so many advantages of using this technology in fashion. This industry affects a lot more than consumers could ever imagine. 3D laser scanning can have a huge impact in this field.

Custom made

The more we shop, the more we realize factory-made items do not fit well. We all have different bodies, and there is no way a one size fits all garment actually fits us all. How can that be? Well, it can’t. 3D laser scanning allows us to use phones, scanners, laptops, iPads, and more to send our precise details to a company and get our own custom-made clothes.


Fashion impacts our environment so much. We produce tons of waste every year by opting for fast fashion options versus something that will last years. Buying custom made clothes one time allows us to cut out the excess waste. On top of that, designers use less fabric and materials by designing in a CAD program. There is less waste to throw away, more consumer happiness, and work towards a more sustainable future.

Future resources and documentation

The best feature of 3D laser scanning is it allows us to have documentation. Instead of having many clothing samples and being wasteful, everything scanned is saved in the cloud and cannot be erased. This makes it the perfect place to document changes to a design and compare it to others. Due to this reason, they can see designs from the past, change them, and give each piece of clothing or shoes a different look without being repetitive.


For any fashion designer out there, we know how hard it is to design, redesign, and design again. However, most 3D laser scanning devices are connected to a computer-aided design program. Instead of having a physical copy that you have to scrap every time something doesn’t work out, you can do it all in the CAD program. This allows you to experiment repeatedly without wasting time, money, or materials.

Final thoughts

More designers and companies will follow Adidas trends, and we will see a major fashion movement. Tech fashion has arrived and is sleighing the game. We can’t wait to see the trends in 2021.

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