Adidas Uses 3D Laser Scanning To Create a High Tech Shoe

Creating practical fashion using technology

Tech fashion is on the up and coming and changing our lives forever. Adidas has been known to create some of the best running shoes that perform well and look astonishing. They are known to be comfortable, fashionable, and use the latest technology. They have now adopted 3D laser scanning in their production. They are creating the latest running shoe designed specifically for your feet.

Mass manufacturing is adopting 3D laser scanning and 3D printing like never before. That is because of all the benefits both technologies bring. After scanning, the information is sent to a computer aided design software that can be edited. The best thing about this technology combined is that a designer can print a shoe directly from the CAD program rather than send it through a different manufacturing product.

These new 3D printed shoes are set to retail around $300. For the durability, performance, and high-tech way they’re made, this is a steal. Adidas is creating practical fashion through the highest forms of technology.

When did 3D scanning become popular

When 3D laser scanning was invented, it was not adopted right away. In fact, it wasn’t known to be useful in many industries until the late 1990s. Over the last decade, the industry has boomed because of the unique capabilities this technology brings to the table.

It is some of the most precise equipment on this planet. It can pick up things like width, height, color, texture, and all dimensions. 3D laser scanning is so accurate it can pick up small little details like foot pores and hairs; it can be the most useful way to collect data on an object.

Every ounce of information can be sent to the CAD program, where it is edited. All of the data is saved in the cloud server. The only downside to this is that it can never be erased once the information is held. For most manufacturers, this is not a problem. In fact, it is nice to use it as a reference in the future to compare older versions and new versions.

When did 3D laser scanning emerge in fashion

Many companies have adopted this unique technology, but in the fashion world, it is relatively new. It did not emerge until the last few years when the technology was more readily available for retailers, designers, and manufacturers. It has helped cut down the process of creating, designing, and producing all of the clothes.

Is tech going to stay in the fashion world?

Yes! Every designer is looking for a unique edge and 3D laser scanning paired with 3D printing makes the cut. It not only helps the design process be cut in half, but it also allows for unique designs to hit the market. This also allows a brand to think more consciously about waste from production and help them become a more sustainable company. Tech fashion is HUGE. Adidas is adopting all of the latest technology to provide consumers a comfortable, custom, and fashionable fit.

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