Adobe Experiments With New 3D Creation

Staying on the leading edge of technology

Adobe has been one of the biggest design platforms since 1982, when it was released in California. Since then, there have been many updates and expansions, allowing designers to have total freedom when creating on the computer. Adobe has always tried to stay on the latest technology trends, and now they have adopted a new software that combines 3D laser scanning and augmented reality or AR.

This software’s name is called Scantastic and allows designers to use the 3D laser scanning device to capture real-world objects in-depth. Almost anything and everything can be turned into 3D models. Everything that is captured can be sent to the other system connected with Adobe called Aero and other Dimension tools to help edit the model and turn it into AR.

Is this new software easy to use

Adobe’s new software’s best feature is that any user can easily download the software on their phone and turn it into a scanning device. On the app, the user will see a lit-up box where they must ‘insert’ the object they want into it. This box allows them to zoom and focus on the object. Once the app is focused, it will direct the user in which way they should be walking to capture the most details on every side. It is easy to use, thanks to the directions that have been added.

All photos are saved in the cloud, and from there, they begin to be processed for future editing. This only takes a few minutes, and from there, all the information can be sent to a partnering Adobe system. The coolest thing about this new system is that any user can share their feed live with someone else!

This can open up a world of possibilities for the retail world. If they want to hold a live auction with actual merchandise, they would capture the information and have people view it in real-time. This extraordinary feature can also be great for artists who have to stay home and not work in galleries. They could potentially scan their work and have someone buy it straight from the app.

Adding in 3D printing

One thing that works well with 3D laser scanning is 3D printing. Any user can send someone else an exact 3D copy through scans. Even if this person is across the country or across the globe, they can use a 3D printer to replicate the given scan. This allows art to be shared, communication to stay open in the design world, and creates a free way to study an object.

Final thoughts

Adobe has found an excellent way to use 3D laser scanning, and because of that, many more users will be finding out the benefits of this technology. It is one of the most advanced tools we have ever seen and allows us to understand everyday objects beyond the surface. People worldwide will soon start using this tool, and it will allow many designers to connect with people they could never normally reach.

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