advantages of 3d scanning in real estate

can 3D scanning help sell your home faster?

Make way, because 3D scanning is moving in, to the real-estate business that is. Virtual reality made possible by 3D scanning is going to change the way we look at our future homes. If anyone has ever moved to a new city they have probably had the same frustrating experience of trying to settle on a new place to live. And the frustrating thing is that you know nothing about the prospects until you arrive. “I’ll have to see it before I decide” is the common words spoken while on search for the right place. Never fear, 3D scanning is here to save the day. 

Whether your are selling a home, renting out an apartment, running a hotel, or just some guy looking for a buck on AirBnB. A 3D scan of your property can be a tremendous benefit to your business. By taking a 3D virtual scan of your property, prospective customers are going to be able to take a virtual tour of potential future home. This is going to provide your customers with better idea of what they will be buying or renting and it is going to help you cut costs. This sounds like a recipe for success!


3d scanning and virtual reality tours of your home

First of all, a 3D scanned virtual reality tour of your property is going to give customers a real good visual of the layout. Those top view blueprint style floor plans just don’t quite give the homey feel as does a virtual reality walk through. If anyone one has ever moved to another city and tried to find a place to buy or rent, then they know the frustration of searching for a place from long distance. It just doesn’t work. People need to see it. A 3D scanned virtual reality tour can nip that problem in the bud!  

lower costs

The second advantage is what it can do for costs. It costs time and money to set up display apartments and giving tours. Using 3D scanned model of your house or apartment units can reduce this cost. For example, if your apartment complex has 20 different floor plan, creating 20 different display units would be impractical. Therefor, future tenants are often shown a different floor plan than they are considering to rent. This could easily be solved by doing a 3D scan of every floor plan and then providing a virtual tour online.

be on top of your game

The real-estate business is dog eat dog, and every property owner needs to be on top of his game, looking for what is coming on the horizon, and keeping up with the latest trends in technology, so that he can take advantage of it for his business. 3D scanning is knock on the door of your success. You’d better open that door!

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