Aerospace Component Scanning 

Our scanning capabilities have allowed us to work with a multitude of different industries. One that keeps coming back is the aerospace industry. Aerospace parts can have very stringent accuracy requirements and range from the simple to the extremely complex. Our client , a manufacturer of multiple components for commercial, defense, and aerospace, recently hired us to scan three sheet metal parts for reverse engineering. With the use of our EviXscan HD Optima structured light scanner and our automated turntable, scanning was simple and fast. Accurate, high-quality scans are essential for good reverse engineering.  

With the extremely tight tolerances of aerospace parts, it is no wonder that the aerospace industry continues to use the latest in 3D scanning and modeling technologies. For more information regarding our 3D scanning services and how we can help you with your future projects, click here.

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3D Scanning in Dallas

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Aerospace sheet 3D scan

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