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3d technology aids in creating the perfect smile

A two-year-old startup company in São Paulo Brazil has made it their goal to provide their surrounding community a way to afford invisible aligners. How? They are using the latest technology to create custom made aligners that are budget-friendly.

This dental company has talked to their closest private investors and pitched them with a brilliant idea. This company believes that everyone in Brazil should be able to afford this fundamental dental right. With this idea and a select few investors, SouSmile was able to raise $10 million for this ongoing project to help patients in Brazil receive invisible aligners.

How the program works

Each patient interested in the program must go see a selected dentist. At the appointment, the patient’s teeth will be examined using a 3D laser scanning device. This will take and store the information on a patient’s mouth. The dentist will then determine if the patient is a good fit for the program.

Once that is decided, the dentist will send the scans from the 3D laser scanning device to a lab where invisible aligners will be made. This provides a custom made fit that not all brands can provide for patients. This technology helps the best possible fit, explicitly created for the patient’s needs.

What is 3D laser scanning

This technology uses a device sometimes small or large to take rapid pictures of a patient’s mouth. 3D laser scanning can take up to a few thousand images per second, capturing every detail there is to see. This not only allows the dentist to observe someone’s mouth at a faster speed, but it also allows the information to be stored in the cloud.

3D laser scanning can capture details like color, texture, size of each tooth, any cavities or cracks that could be an issue. Once it is obtained and stored, it has the option to be sent to anyone in the world. It can be turned into a 3D model or developed into virtual reality. This allows the dentist and the lab to have every angle to observe the problems needed to be fixed.

It is a fantastic technology that has advanced in many areas and is now helping serve the dental patients of brazil.

The benefits of using 3D laser scanning

This technology allows a patient to be more comfortable. Unlike having the dentist poke and prod in a patient’s mouth, 3D laser scanning will enable data and pictures to be collected in just a few moments. This creates a more comfortable environment that is less scary for patients to enter.

3D laser scanning creates custom made aligners that directly help individual needs. Some aligners only fix specific problems that not all patients have. Creating aligners that directly focus on what a person needs fixes more issues than just one.

It is budget-friendly. Instead of a patient spending a thousand on a procedure that is not suited for them as individuals. This whole procedure would cost a patient $1000, which is 60% less than other procedures.

Final thoughts

Thanks to SouSmile patients across Brazil will have access to some of the most high-tech to create the smile of their dreams. Dentists will have more patients because of this affordable treatment. 3D laser scanning has shaped our world in many ways and continues to improve the quality of our lives around the globe.

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