Alabama Police Adopt 3D Laser Scanning

Seeing crime scenes at a new level of detail

Due to all of the advancements in 3D laser scanning, many people have adopted these amazing tools. This includes police in Alabama who are using this latest technology to document car crashes or other roadside accidents. This helps them gather information to take to court if there needs to be a case. It allows them to understand what went wrong, how they could possibly fix it, and understand how everything unfolded before the actual crash.

To accurately take scans of the crime scenes, the Alabama police have been using a 3D laser scanning device from FARO. It uses thousands of laser beams to collect information. This information creates a highly detailed model in 3D to use in other places and to observe even after the physical crime scene has been cleaned up.

There are some amazing benefits of capturing a car crash and transporting someone there without interfering with the crime scene. It allows the data to be captured and stored forever. Police can see clearly every detail and walk through a crime scene without leaving the office. It allows the space to be documented thoroughly and then cleaned up without having to sacrifice any evidence.

How does 3D laser scanning work

FARO 3D laser scanning device works by shining thousands of lasers to points all around a scene. These laser beams measure the distance the light travels to and from the machine. It picks up every small piece of information to create a whole digital crime scene. At the same time, it captures photos rapidly that help complete an accurate picture.

This information is stored forever, making it easy to track and record where most accidents happen, and if the road can be changed to lessen accidents per year. All of the data collected from the 3D laser scanning device can be edited in a partnering system and then turned into virtual reality. If the user chooses, they can also create physical models of anything in the crime scene.

Using 3D laser scanning devices is just a way to add on to the collection process but will not yet replace the full process. Other forms of collecting data will still be used. All of these steps allow for a fuller picture to be seen even once it is cleaned up. They can also present this evidence in court if needed.

Who else can use this tool

The best thing about 3D laser scanning is that many people can use it, not just cops. This is one of the best ways to collect all evidence. That also means this is great for crime scenes that need extra documentation for court. This allows a jury to walk in a crime scene and view it exactly how the first responders first saw it.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt that 3D laser scanning is one of the best technologies on the market and will continue to grow and expand. Many people will adopt the tool because of the impressive qualities of this tool. This technology will develop and have many extraordinary advancements in the future.

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