Amazon’s New Band Paired with A 3D Laser Scanning App

Focused on more than just weight

Amazon is a consumer’s best friend. They are always staying on top of the latest tech and gadgets to give their loyal customers. They have now created a band that is not only focused on physical health but also your mental health. Amazon also created an app that uses 3D laser scanning to help you focus on your BMI and genuinely look at who you are on a deeper level.

This new watch is called the Halo, and it looks like a smartwatch without the face. The purpose of this watch is much deeper than anything else you may have ever used. There are no faces to these watches, but they do have microphones that record the sound of your voice and analyze those recordings in the Halo app.

None of your recordings go to the Amazons server, and this is for your privacy and safety. The Halo app does send your body scan to the servers to get analyzed. However, they are deleted within 12 hours of being examined, this is another feature for your safety. The microphones will need to be trained to learn what your happy and frustrated voices are. From there, you will be able to see how long you spend happy and even angry. The more you are aware of your mental state, the happier you will be.

How the Halo App Works

This app focuses on much more than just weight; it focuses on overall physical health. This includes your BMI, body mass index, one of the most crucial things to know about your body. It shows the proportion of your weight to height but not necessarily your body fat.

The app uses a 3D laser scanning and cameras to capture four images that need to be analyzed by the Amazon servers. It happens very quickly, and the app will give you instructions on how to do the entire process. From there, you will be able to see a sliding scale that shows you what would happen if you lost or gained weight. This entire gadget is about being aware of your body.

Is 3D laser scanning safe

3D laser scanning is a safe piece of technology that will help in no way cause harm to you. Your entire body will be okay after being scanned; there are no bright lights, sharp pains, or anything that could damage. It is an entirely non-invasive practice, and Amazon always keeps in mind their customers’ safety when creating a product.

It works by capturing images of your body and analyzing those images. At the same time, laser light is measured by the distance it travels. The 3D laser scanning device captures details like size, shape, length, and any other detail you could think of.

Final thoughts

Amazon has always made some fantastic products, and this new one is ready for you to preorder. It will be amazing for your mental and physical health and help you become more aware. By incorporating 3D laser scanning, they have unlocked a new technology level that will help you understand yourself. This unique watch comes in a sparkly band like material and is super trendy.

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