Arrival 3D Case Study

Expert CAD Modeling Recreates hotel handrail fixture

If you’ve ever gone to a certain famous hotel in Washington, D.C., you’ll be quick to notice the beautiful, intricate fixtures on top of the staircase hand rails. One of our customer’s did and she contacted us to see if we could recreate the designs. This type of work is usually a breeze thanks for 3D scanning, but this time, our talented CAD modelers came in to save the day. CAD modeling and reverse engineering goes hand in hand — we were definitely up for the creative challenge!

the project details

step 1: a unique approach

Since this was a small job, we didn’t send a scanning technician to the hotel to complete a scan. (Besides, we weren’t sure how discreet we would be hauling our scanner over to the steps of a hotel business!) However, one of our other employees was able to go take measurements with a basic ruler. Our CAD modelers would have the extra challenge of merely using measurements in centimeters and inches to capture the beautiful designs. 

step 2: cad modeling expert reverse engineers the design

Our CAD modelers recreated the handrail fixtures beautifully. We created a couple renderings, and then sent our associate in D.C. back to the site to take another set of pictures and measurements to make sure we were accurate and to scale. 

step 3: creation and installation

Our friends at Iron Touch, LLC used our models to recreate the handrail fixtures out of metals. Our customer sent us images of the newly installed handrails outside of the customer’s home. We think they look pretty great!

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