Art and Technology Merge

A versatile tool no longer used for just research

For years artists have tried to keep up with the emerging trends, especially when it comes to technology. Using the latest tools can help create some of the most eye-catching pieces that every artist wants to be known for. On September 11th, an artist who has adopted 3D laser scanning to create some extraordinary pieces will show off his work. Viraag Desai creates beautiful collages out of watercolor, scans, and many other things. He creates stunning images that leave you wanting more of his work.

Artists from all over the world have been dipping their feet in the technology pool. Many have adopted 3D laser scanning because of all the splendid uses. This tool is so versatile it has spread outwards from its original use and is no longer used only for research.

Who else can use it

Many students who are learning about art can go in and noninvasively scan objects to study later on. A few artists who work with statues can capture someone exactly how they are and recreate them in statue form. Others who work with digital art can scan people at crucial times and document them in a way no one else has ever been able to do.

How does this tech work

3D laser scanning seems very advanced, but it is actually easy to understand. This comes in a small handheld device that allows thousands of pictures capturing the more intricate details ever. As the images get taken, a laser beam is projected over an object. The distance the light travels is being measured.

This device is great for artists because it picks up accurate information on a subject. It can obtain details like scratches, surface texture, holes, colors, dimensions, sizes, etc. Some are so advanced they can pick up microscopic information that you would have never found with your eyes.

Once the information is obtained, it is stored in the cloud server where it will always be held. It can never be erased once it hits the cloud. After that, the user has a few choices, which is one reason it has become so popular.

The artists or people using the technology can create an electronic file that can be sent to others worldwide. They can choose to create a virtual reality with the information. Or they can select to 3D print a model and give it to someone else.

Final thoughts

This is not the only way artists have been using 3D laser scanning; many galleries have now created online galleries. Each artist can 3D scan their paintings and upload those images to the virtual gallery. This allows their exhibit to be seen from across the world and allows them to sell their pieces without being physically there.

3D laser scanning has entered the art world and will continue to be of use for artists for years to come. As an artist, it is crucial to keep up with the trends to stay relevant, one of the hottest technology trends.

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