Autonomous Cars Driven By 3D Laser Scanning

Drivers not Needed thanks to 3D laser scanning

I have bad news for all you teens out there who are about to turn 16. The wave of the future is waving good-bye to your chance to drive. Please give a warm welcome to the self-driving car.  Some day you probably won’t even think about it because autonomous cars will be everywhere. Cars will be like elevators. All you have to do is speak a location and it will take you where you need to go. So who are the dudes that are making this happen? Car don’t just develop driving skills on their own. The most famous would have to be Google, Uber and General Motors. These and other motor makers involved in developing autonomous cars are all trying to work out the kinks. Giving customers a safe comfortable ride is the top priority.

All done by 3D laser scanning

Autonomous cars don’t need the input from the riders except for a destination. So how does it navigate through traffic? How does it keep from crashing into the hotdog cart on the sidewalk? How does it keep from smashing into some car in front of it at a stop light? The answer to that is simple. They train monkeys to hide under the hood who steer by looking through peep holes. You didn’t now that? If they can send a monkey to space then it shouldn’t be hard to train one to drive. Seriously, though, autonomous cars work by 3D laser scanning services. Each self-driving car is equipped with a LIDAR, which stands for light detection and ranging. LIDAR technology is a 3D laser scanning services technology that can detect object that surround the car. Basically what it does is use a 3D scanner to give itself a 3D image of the environment so that it knows where corners, cars and other obstacles are in the road. If you have ever passed one of the autonomous cars then you probably noticed a dome on the top of the car. That was the LIDAR 3D scanner.

Are we sure we want 3D laser scanning to take the wheel?

So are we really suppose to like this technology? I suppose we don’t much choice. I personally don’t prefer it, though. I like to drive my car. I am sure that I would hate riding in a self driving car in the same way I hate riding shotgun or sitting in the back seat. I would also feel uneasy about turning total control over to the car. Automate my dish washing. Fine. Automate a pizza machine. Go for it. My life would not be in danger. Put me in a car going 75 miles per hour down the freeway with little or no control and I say “No, thanks.” Some people, of course, disagree. Some people like the thought of getting work done in the car. That helps them consolidate their work and commute time. Others like it for how it can help their business. Delivery services like DoorDash can deliver without having to hire a worker. Taxi services would not need cabbies. Of course they would be taking a lot of people down to the unemployment office, unfortunately.

There you have it. The what, who, how, why, and why not of self driving cars. If you are not happy about it then call a local 3D laser scanning services company and tell them to do whatever it takes to stop this inevitable wave of cool technology that is going forward no matter what you think.

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