Bentley and Topcon Create 3D Scanning Service Workflow Academy for Owners & Engineers

Bentley, a global leader in providing engineers and owner/operators with comprehensive software solutions for advancing infrastructure (founded in 1984), and Topcon, a provider of business solutions for multiple industries by implementing highly accurate 3D measurement technologies, data and software (founded in 1932), have joined forces in educating engineers and owners about 3D scanning technologies and workflows. At the 2017 Year in Infrastructure in Singapore, they argued that there is nothing wrong with the technology, it is the conservative owners and engineers who don’t know, use or trust the technology. They unveiled their solution to help educate conservative engineers and owners to embrace 3D scanning tech in their operations, the Constructioneering Academy.

Embracing 3D Scanning & Automation

The Constructioneering Academy is not too far off from some of Bentley’s other education programs that teach users how to use digital workflows in BIM, reality modeling, and construction. The key difference, says CEO Greg Bentley, is that these academies will “look like hundred-acre playgrounds for equipment and engineers to work together. The software will be working in the cloud, but the machines themselves are also part of the academy.” These academies will focus on not only hardware, but software as well. Topcon is also offering its own learning initiatives around the world teaching users how to get the most out of Topcons products and services.Through the Contructioneering Academy, Bentley and Topcon can teach contruction professionals how to make their projects profitable by streamlining the process from top to bottom. Another benefit is that both companies can begin to fill in the gaps between construction and engineering to create automation in all aspects in workflow and construction.For more information about the constructioneering academies, click here. For more information regarding our highly accurate 3D scanning services for your current or upcoming projects, click here. For any and all of your 3D scanning needs, Arrival 3D has you covered.