sample cad modeling files to download

Here are a various types of scan output formats that you can download and test with your software. These are for your testing use only. Please do not publish or distribute.

spoiler 3d scan
Porsche Spoiler Mount STL Raw Scan

automotive bracket scan
Cast Bracket Cover XYZ Point Cloud

brake caliper 3d scan
Vehicle Brake Caliper STL Raw Scan

autosurface nurbs automotive bracket
Auto Mounting Bracket STP NURBS Autosurface

autosurface NURBS model
Kidney-shaped Part IGS Hybrid NURBS

tuyere 3d scan
Tuyere Prismatic STP Generic CAD

worm gear steering gear 3d model
Shaft Screw Gear IGS Generic CAD

flanged pipe solidworks model
Flanged Fitting SLDPRT Feature-based Model

flange hidden line drawing
Flanged Fitting SLDDRW Solidworks Drawing

3d perspective part view
Flanged Fitting PDF Dimensioned 2D CAD

drone 3d model
Stockpile Drone Scan 3D PDF Color Mesh

Autodesk Revit model
Warehouse Scan RVT Autodesk Revit Model

piping 3D scan and model
Piping with Ground DWG Layered AutoCAD

warehouse 3d scan and CAD model
Building Structure DXF Layered AutoCAD

deviation image with annotations
Molded Trumpetn PDF Deviation Report


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