Capturing an Environment with 3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning is getting better

3D laser scanning services has been around for a while. It is being used to digitize factories and facilities. The technology is getting better as the days go by as computers get faster and storage capacities get bigger. Not only that by but price is going down too. It can be used from projects all the way from design to retrofit projects. In order to get good digital representation of the environment you need a good scanner and the proper scanning technique.

Putting pieces together with 3D laser scanning services

Getting a digital copy of an environment using 3D laser scanning services in not a simple as just snapping a picture. That may work for 2D photos, but a 3D laser scan requires that scans be taken at multiple angles. A scanned object must be captured from several angles in order to reproduce it as a 3D object. This means that if a whole room is going to be captured, many angles will have to be scanned. Each of those angles are a piece of the puzzle that when put together make the whole object. That is basically what happens with a scan. All of the scans put together make up the point cloud that is a digital representation of the environment. That sounds like it may be a tough task (putting all of those point clouds together). Maybe in the past it was, but advancements in software has made this process a simple thing. Software programs can ‘stitch’ those scans together automatically much better that a person could manually and saves it as one file.

3D laser scanning services is a big bag of goodies

Once 3D laser scanning services has done its job of creating a point-cloud that compiled into one fully-registered file, the question is what can you do with it. The benefits of having a 3D virtual model of an object or an environment are many. Some industrial facilities have retro-fit projects that can benefit greatly from having a computerized model of the facility. That computerized model can tell the engineers exact measurements of the facility. If they rely upon just blueprints, they are bound to run into problems. The as-built measurements will have some differences with theoretical measurements. Having a 3D virtual model of an environment allows engineers to do virtual planning for future projects. They can “try before they buy”. This can save a lot time and expense. Doing real-time scans can also allow design management and onsite engineers work more closely so that there is less miscommunication.

3D laser scanning services is indeed a powerful design and retrofitting tool in our time. There is no doubt that the technology will continue to improve and the process made even simpler. We didn’t even mention many of the other ways that 3D laser scanning services benefits us. It is used in automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and many other areas. In all of them, 3D laser scanning services is able to save companies money, and safe them time. It also make the measurement data collection at lot easier.

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