Car Crashes Can Be Documented Faster

3D laser scanning is beneficial for police

There are so many phenomenal uses that 3D laser scanning has brought us, and many of us have no idea what it is. This incredible technology is now being used by police, first responders, and those investigating crime scenes. It is not the primary way to investigate the crashes that happen. Many of the previous methods to observe a scene are still in place. However, this has been a beneficial tool to add to investigative research for many different reasons.

Oxford police have adopted this to help investigate and document a crime scene that recently happened. They quickly scan the entire site to fully understand what exactly happened and what may have caused the accident. Once more police stations understand the benefits of 3D laser scanning, more will adopt this technology.

The reasons 3D laser scanning is beneficial for police

3D laser scanning has proven to be incredibly useful in many different areas. This allows the police to go more in-depth than ever before and gather the information that they may have missed the first time. Here are some of the best benefits of this technology.

  • Precision- This allows the police officer to pick up every microscopic detail as they first found the scene. They can gather things like scratches, dents, shattered windows, even items like blades of grass next to the accident. It is incredibly accurate and precise with the details that it picks up.
  • Storage- None of the evidence can be misplaced. This is because all of the data collected is saved in the cloud, a giant internet-based server. From there, the evidence can never be erased and always accessed. The cops who collected the data will have it for evidence forever or any future cases to compare.
  • Virtual Reality- The coolest feature of 3D laser scanning is the information collected can be turned into various things. This tool is so versatile it can create physical models of the cars that crashed or create an entirely virtual scene for others to walk through.
  • Inspection- Eventually, the scene has to be cleaned up to allow traffic through. The evidence must disappear or be moved to somewhere they can inspect the cars further. However, another way to keep the inspection going is by using a 3D laser scanning device to create virtual reality. It will allow the police officers to inspect repeatedly until they find all of the causes of how the accident happened and why it happened.

The advantages of using this technology are undoubtedly amazing. It has created ways for us to find out why things happened the way they did. It allows police officers to find a solution to fix the problems where most accidents happen.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning is not going to replace the original ways of collecting data. This will go alongside the other ways. It will help create a solid amount of evidence along with pictures, DNA samples, and physical items that show who was at fault and who was not at fault.

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