CASE STUDY: 3D Scan Bank Building in Las Vegas, NV.

Arrival 3D are tasked with the 3D Scanning of a Bank Building for the purposes of providing 2D Elevation’s (.dwg) documentation to facilitate development of new Steel Cladding.

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    What Was Scanned

    3D Laser Scanning in Reno, NV: Our client, a leader in Metal Cladding for commercial properties nationally, tasked Arrival 3D with the 3D Data Capture of a new bank building in Las Vegas. In order to achieve the highly toleranced, perfect visual appearance expected, our clients understand it’s first necessary to accurately document “As built” conditions.

    The starting point is to document the structure via 3D Laser Scan Data, which is where Arrival 3D bring value.

    The resulting Scan Data, a “point cloud” comprising millions of points of data, can be utilized as is for both measurement and spatial planning, or the data can form the basis of an accurate, geometric CAD model. Arrival 3D routinely provide to clients both point cloud, and Revit CAD models.

    These tanks were scanned from multiple positions around the perimeter, providing a detailed 360′ point cloud suited to dimensionally accurate spacial planning.

    The Arrival 3D data collection process takes only a few hours onsite, the equipment is compact and clean, and we require only easy access to the property. You will see the Leica RTC360 positioned in one of multiple positions in the accompanying image.

    Subject for Arrival 3D Laser Scanning: A new bank building in Las Vegas.

    Location of Scan

    Las Vegas, NV.

    The accuracy required for Steel Cladding can be achieved only with 3D Scan Data as a basis for development.

    Scanner(s) Used

    Arrival 3D have a large inventory of 3D Scanners suited to a variety of tasks. Our most recent acquisitions, and currently our favored multi-tasking 3D Scanners, are our Leica RTC360’s. Arrival 3D now have several Leica RTC-360’s positioned strategically around the United States. We use the RTC360’s frequently due to their great versatility; portable size, long range accuracy and rapid scanning capability. 

    3D Laser Scanning a new Bank Building in Las Vegas, NV.


    Our client chose, in this case, to receive 2D Elevation drawings (.dwg) of the facades of the building. In order to facilitate these deliverables, we first 3D Laser Scan the subject. The resulting registered “Point Cloud” comprises the combined points from several scans into a single, registered 3D file. The data represents a full 3D image of the subject which can be navigated through, which can provide measurements and angles, and which includes the images created at each of the scan positions, referred to as “Viewing Spheres”. 

    Above, the 3D Laser Scanned full color point cloud from the same perspective as the photographic image top. 

    Added Value

    Accuracy is always important, but some applications require higher accuracy than others, and these include metal cladding applications. Today’s decorative metal panels can completely transform the appearance of a building or storefront very quickly. But the downside is that the panels require special manufacturing techniques and must be made in a factory far away from the installation site. For this reason, precise measurements need to be taken of installation site so that the panels can be fabricated with high accuracy. 

    There are truly not many technologies other than 3d laser scanning services that can capture the as-built conditions accurately enough to fabricate panels offsite and have them fit up properly. With just one day on site, an entire building’s exterior can be laser scanned. This provides very high value to the engineers who normally would have had to spend days onsite taking measurements and ending up with a result that is sub-par. Automating the measurement and CAD process made this customer’s job much easier, allowing them to please their customer and move on to the next project quicker.  Plus, the added precision and reliability with this process makes possible the design and construction of tiles and patterns with more complex and interesting shapes. 

    Above, an image of the subject to be 3D Laser Scanned. In the foreground, in one of multiple scanning positions, is an Arrival 3D Leica RTC360 scanner.

    A view of the registered, full color Point Cloud generated from the subject, left.