celebrities and 3D scanning services

Ordinarily, you would not find the words “Kim Kardashian” in the same conversation as 3D scanning services. However this is 2021, and now you can download a statue of the half-dressed reality star and print out a copy on your 3D printer. Why one would want one of these is a topic for another day. So let’s face it, 3d scanning services intersect every aspect of our lives, including entertainment. 

Barack obama

It is probably not a good idea to get political on a company website. But regardless of your politics, the fact is that Obama did get scanned. A 3D scanning services company used an Artec Eva scanner to capture his likeness. This is probably how Madame Tussauds probably does it as well, though this is not confirmed. Capturing the physical likeness of each president should probably be mandatory and a matter of public records.  But his might be a matter of national security, since 3d laser scanning services captures such an exact likeness. Someone might try to duplicate the president for nefarious reasons. 


If you are a Radiohead fan you know that they like to experiment with new 3D technologies. They were using point clouds in their music videos back when it not many were doing it. They even made a point cloud of Thom Yorke available on Github. Now that is my kind of celebrity 3d scanning services. 

usa women’s soccer team

The whole USA women’s soccer team was scanned using an Artic Eva. What better way to capture the moment after a triumphant victory than to get yourself scanned. It really would make the ideal of figurines of sports figures more appealing if they were made from highly accurate scans. 

Lauren Gooder

Did you know that Lauren Gooder got scanned? She sure did. The 3d scanning services company scanned her and also make a 3D print to boot, in two different poses. Boy, that would just make any 3D scanning company’s day if Lauren Gooder walked in and asked for a scan.  


It would be great if celebrities would  give us a bunch of free scans to enjoy, but the truth is, it’s tough t get a celebrity to smile for the papparazzi much less site through a 3D scan. That’s where the lookalikes come in. Why pay for the real thing when you can have a lookalike for 100X cheaper? Well because the lookalikes aren’t the real celebrity. But they still might produce a fine scan. Then you can print out your nearly accurate superstar and print a copy for your desk.  

Do you need 3d scanning services?

You don’t need celebrity status to enjoy the benefits of 3D laser scanning. We’d love to hear from you and explore how 3d scanning services could give you a competitive advantage.

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