Construction Sites Adopt 3D Laser Scanning

A faster and more reliable way to collect information

There has been nothing else in our world like 3D laser scanning, and it has truly opened doors to new faster ways of achieving things. It has now entered the construction field and helps observe and process land much faster than ever before. This technology has become so precise it is no wonder that it has many construction crews captivated by its extraordinary uses. 3D laser scanning is faster and more reliable than other ways of collecting information.

“This data allows us to generate highly accurate 3D models of on-site conditions, which refines the accuracy of the equipment and componentry we develop and install in that environment.” Says the technical director of Weba Chute Systems & Solutions

Creating models before installing a mining chute provides many benefits that they would have to work many hours to gain. It cuts time in half working and installing a pipe and more. 3D laser scanning was not always so prevalent in this field but is slowly gaining traction.

What benefits does 3D laser scanning provide the mining industry

  • Less Time Doing Installations- The best feature of 3D laser scanning is that it provides less time to install a mining chute. It allows the team to edit in the CAD and see precisely where it needs to go and how it will work before putting it in. It can be edited and tested directly in the system. That is something other pieces of technology cannot provide.
  • Less Down Time- When the editing and placement of a chute go much quicker, the team has less downtime and more work to do. Once the arrangement of the chute is finished, they can begin mining much faster than average. It can be done in half the time it usually takes which means the team can focus on other areas that need success.
  • Design Stage- After using a 3D laser scanning to take inventory of a site, the information is sent to a CAD program. The entire area is taken into consideration. The team has access to all parts of the site at one time. There is no need to go back and forth from the site to the model. The team has access to the entire site at one time.
  • Reliable Costing- When all of the details, measurements, and land are thoroughly analyzed, the construction team can give out the entire project’s accurate costs before they move forward. 3D laser scanning helps communication become stronger by telling the customer exactly what will be done, when it will be done, and the whole project’s cost.

There are many benefits to using this technology for mining and any type of construction.

Final thoughts

3Dlaser scanning has shaped the way we plan our buildings, sites, and any type of construction. It is now much easier to gather all of the information quickly and precisely and understand how much something will cost. It is creating faster and more reliable ways to work on construction sites rapidly. Who knows where this technology will take us next.

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