Cut Meat Like A Bandit With 3D Laser Scanning

A serious 3D Laser Scanning Slicer

How many of you out there have ever heard of the Libra165c. It runs a price tag of about $160,000.  I am tell you, this baby is fast. It runs at about 600spm. It needs no pistons and cuts corners like a boss. Now before you start checking the expiration date on your driver’s license so you can take this thing for a test drive, you might want to know what it is. In fact, it isn’t a car. It’s even better than that. This is a turbo charged meat cleaver. That’s what I said. It a super fast, super accurate meat chopper. Now who would want a meat chopper that can cut 600 steaks a second? That, my friend, is something I am not prepared to answer. I don’t think I have ever seen enough meat in one place to let that thing cut for five minutes. Who has $160,000 to flash for a hypersonic pork loin whacker? That, my friend, is another meaty mystery that I will leave for someone else to chop. Apparently someone does want it or this thing would not exist.

Nothing Chops meat like 3D Laser Scanning

Let me tell you more about this meat mincing marvel. First of all, it is super accurate. It’s not just a table-saw gone berzerk in the meat department. There is a method to this meat mauling madness. The method is 3D laser scanning services. This sirloin slicer has a built in measurement device that can scan the exact size and shape of the meat. It uses a device that collects a 3D image of the meat that is about to be cut. The result is a perfect lamb chop every time the power blade hits the pork. I don’t know about you, but all this mention of meat makes my mouth mumble the words “make me a meat muffin!”. For the most part, I think that these machines are mainly for the boys in the meat department. It just wouldn’t look right sitting in my kitchen.

Japanese use of 3D laser scanning services

The name of this kamikaze ham hacker is the Nantsune. What kind of name is that? That doesn’t sound like a ballistic burger blazer using 3D laser scanning services to me.  Actually, the reason why it sounds so funny is because it is Japanese. Not that there is anything funny about Japanese. Actually there is something a bit funny about Japanese inventions. If you have spent any time looking at some of the crazy things they have come up with you will have had your giggle for the day. Well, this meat slicer may be crazy, but it is as serious as a double bacon cheese burger with sautéed mushrooms (hold the pickles). So serious that companies that slice meat are willing to pay over 150 grand for it.

Something tells me that I won’t be buying this 3D laser scanning services machine for my kitchen. I mean, hey, there is only so much bacon a man can eat. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m not sure that fact has ever been explored. I’ll have to put it on my Christmas list right after the 3D robotic pizza printer that I never got last year.

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