Cutting Construction Costs With 3D Laser Scanning Services

Technology Also Reduces Errors

Human measurements are prone to error and can cost real estate and construction companies. However, many companies have realized that they can cut errors down by adopting 3D laser scanning services, save on cost, and get space renovated or built much faster. This tool allows surveyors to scan buildings, surrounding land, pipes below the ground, and using the information, they can create an accurate 3D model. 

The first step is finding a company that will provide a handheld device or a scanner on a mobile. In San Antonio, ReckonPoint enables construction crews to use a mobile with a 3D laser scanning services device attached. It helps them acquire accurate measurements in a smaller amount of time and helps create a 3D model that can act as a floor plan. 

This machine is being used for large measurements on various projects and is a perfect solution for multiple companies. This latest tech has some of the best ROI or return on investment. Because of the accurate results, we will see more people turning towards this equipment. 

Creating Highly Detailed Plans

3D laser scanning uses cloud point technology to capture information down to the millimeter, making it highly accurate. It captures thousands of images per minute and projects sensors all over the layout or objects to inspect small details that may go missing. It also can detect things like size, dimension, and anything else you can think of. 

This is one of the best ways to create floor plans and share them with an entire team who cannot make it to the site. It allows them to see in 3D how the land is and the necessary steps to build a structure. This shows all information in a detailed and precise way.

Benefits of 3D laser scanning services in construction 

There are many benefits that the construction crew receives from using this machine. It can help get things done faster, which means a company is more productive and can stay in business longer. Here are some other advantages to using this technology. 


If a place has not yet been surveyed, it can be dangerous to send a whole team in to collect information. This is a tool that can help ensure safety among an entire team. It can be sent in to survey and spot dangerous areas. 


Unlike humans, 3D laser scanning can be incredibly precise. It can capture microscopic details that the human eye cannot pick up. 

3D models

If a crew is looking for a way to create customized plans and see information in one area, even from across the US, this tool is it. This can create floor plans and show them virtually. Some people may even be able to turn it into something you can “enter.”

Final thoughts

There has never been another technology like 3D laser scanning, and for construction teams, this has the greatest return on investment. It can be one of the most amazing tools to achieve and finish a building and then save the information as a future reference. This can help a team view what renovations have already been done and what needs to happen next. 

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