Designing Is Changing With 3D Scanning

Taking interior design to a whole new level

When some of us were little, we imagined designing houses and unique places. Interior design was many children’s dreams, but over the last few years, it has changed. Many young designers are now obtaining 3D laser scanning devices to help design unbelievably beautiful rooms. There is nothing else like this technology, and it truly has changed our lives in and out of the science and tech world. Now, on top of changing designers’ lives, this is changing the way retailers sell designs.

Typically, a small company would spend thousands, if not more, creating multiple chairs in different colors and then photographing them to put on their website. Not anymore. Using a 3D laser scanning device, you can take a picture of one chair and create designs through the editing system that shows which material can be used or fabric.

3D laser scanning allows for the processing time to be cut in half, more custom made items to be added to the website, and less money to be spent. It is no wonder that this technology has taken the world by a storm. So many people are adopting this technology. 3D products are changing everything and allowing consumers to become their own designers too.

Soon consumers will have more than they bargained for. They will be able to see how a piece of furniture looks from their phone, they can match the fabrics to those in their house already, or they can get the help of a designer over chat support that has access to the information. This could all be a significant possibility in the future.

Who else can use this technology

It’s not only designers and tech geeks who can appreciate this technology; it is literally anyone who needs help gaining in-depth insights into something. This means there is now a whole list of people who should and could use this technology.

  • Students- Any college kid who needs to study artifacts or make samples can use 3D laser scanning from their phones or tablets to use as a study aid.
  • Doctors- This technology allows the doctor to understand a patient’s body deeper than ever before. It can also help them create an exact replica to help them practice surgery before performing it.
  • Police- 3D laser scanning can help police track heavily trafficked areas and understand why accidents happen in those places and how they can fix it.
  • Forensic Investigators- Although this is not a way to replace gathering evidence, it can be used with all other evidence collected at a crime scene. On top of that, it could allow a jury to go into a virtual crime scene exactly as the investigators found it.

There are many potential benefits of using 3D laser scanning; it has expanded outside of its original use. Many people globally are adopting this impressive tool.

Final thoughts

Nothing can compare to the benefits of 3D laser scanning. It is changing the ways we shop, design, and furnish our homes. As this technology develops and advances, more industries will adopt it in the next few years.

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