Digital Twins from 3D Scanning

obtain a Virtual Reality model of your facility through 3D Scanning

Are you interested in creating a 3d virtual reality model of your plant? digital twin of your facility? This is a very exciting option that is made possible using 3D scanning. We can create a virtual 3D model that is highly realistic and enable you to view it using an Oculus or HTS virtual reality headset. You can explore the virtual world and see the site from any angle or perspective. Through the use of the Unreal Engine, we utilize the ultimate in superior graphics made possible by the gaming industry to add incredible realism to your virtual environment. When viewed using a stereo 3D headset, it really feels like you are there. 

guy with VR headset

3d scanning makes vr more accurate

scanner in plant

The advantage of using 3D laser scanning to create a VR environment is that the resulting model will be dimensionally accurate so that it can also be utilized for engineering purposes. If you are interested in having a “digital twin” of your facility, you want the digital twin to have a similar appearance as the real world. The scan-to-model process results in a CAD model that is within mere millimeters in its physical proportions to the real thing. The scanner also captures HDR color imagery. These images are used as a reference for simulating colors and textures in the virtual world. In order to create the illusion of being there, the temporary suspension of disbelief,  the 3D scene must be realistic, complete and compelling. We can do this for your plant and take it as far as you want as far as realism goes. 

What can a virtual reality environment be used for?

A Virtual Reality environment is a great example of a 3D laser scan being used for multiple purposes within a company. The scan may have been initiated for engineering purposes, since excellent engineering requires thorough documentation and dimensional accuracy. But the resulting 3D CAD model from engineering efforts can be “low hanging fruit” for other applications to take advantage of. For example:

Security: group may be thrilled to have a realistic model of the plant that they can use to depict camera locations, camera angles, gates, badge reader locations, etc. 

Safety: The safety group may like to visualize all of the fire extinguishers, eye-wash stations, muster points, emergency shutdown buttons, etc. 

Training: Many groups may see an opportunity for using VR to do training. Humans learn from their mistakes, and VR gives someone an opportunity to fail or make mistakes in a safe space. 

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interested in having a virtual reality model created for your facility?

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