Drift21 Adopts the Use of 3D Laser Scanning

Living out fantasies through real life-like games

3D laser scanning has changed the way we think about games and how we interact with games. We know longer have basic graphics that someone drew up, but we use actual models of real cars in the videogame world. We have graphics that take on a new realistic view with the help of some of the best technology we have ever seen in this world.

Drift21 has completely updated the gaming world by allowing users to enter the Japanese drifting scene full force. You can get a look inside of the car, with life-changing views that will enable you to thoroughly inspect the drifting track as well. Letting you race in a simulation and drift on an actual track. It will all feel entirely real.

How 3D laser scanning was used for the game

The creators of this game used 3D laser scanning devices to fully capture the details from over 750 pieces of the cars, and the tracks you can race on. It will allow you to get a view and feel of how a track would be in Japan. This simulation game takes the tech to a whole new level for all players and is giving other racing games a run for their money.

How 3D laser scanning works

3D laser scanning captures points on an object using laser lights collecting precise information on a scene or object. It is one of the best ways to collect data with no human contact and in a non-destructive way. Once this information is collected, it creates a file, and it stored in the cloud forever. After it is stored, it can’t be deleted from cyberspace, this makes it one of the best references for the future.

3D laser scanning can be incredibly precise, depending on the machine and how well it is made. Older versions consisted of large chunky cameras that involved a lot of human interaction. It has now become a small handheld device that can pick up details like color, texture, size, and all dimensions. This makes it an incredibly useful tool when trying to give the online or virtual world a life-like feeling.

Though this technology is excellent for videogame designers, it is also good for many professionals. People who are architects have adopted this technology to take accurate scans of layouts, and museums have started created entire exhibits in virtual worlds. Many police departments have adopted 3D laser scanning to help prevent crimes and traffic accidents. It is one of the best ways to create a reference that has details that can be shared with anyone.

Final thoughts

Videogame designers are using this equipment to create games with more depth and dimension. 3D laser scanning allows us to enter a virtual world that is incredibly close to what you would see in real life. It will enable you to play real life-like games while living out your fantasies. It allows you to become closer to the game and allows you to enjoy it more than other games. As more versions of 3D laser scanning come out, more videogame developers will adopt the technology.

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