Drones and 3D Laser Scanning Services

Bringing 3D Laser Scanning to the Sky

Skydio has announced they are bringing a new type of 3D laser scanning services to the market. These will be connected to drones and will be able to capture objects from the sky. It will help digitize the world, and one of the best things about this new product is that it can help drones map their flight paths. In addition, it will help create 3D digital twin models of objects, buildings like historical sites, and people won’t have to direct the drones, which means they have more time to do other things. 

This 3D laser scanning services and equipment can map out its flight and drive itself. It’s something that no other drone can do, which makes it incredibly unique. We are progressing towards a digital society. Soon, many companies will be taking the leap to digitize more things to make the virtual world more realistic. 

The Skydio drones use a navigation system, 3D laser scanning and can make smart decisions based on the artificial intelligence programmed into them. This device is easy to use; you can set it up and turn it on. It comes with an enterprise controller from which you can watch the drone, but you don’t have to sit and control it. 

Drones paired with 3D laser scanning services

It’s a unique combination that allows for more imaging to be done. Merging drones with 3D laser scanning provides imaging in areas where people can’t easily go, or places deemed too dangerous to enter. Using drones as guides provides the ultimate way to see and experience the world. 

How 3D laser scanning services can be helpful in other industries

One of the most extraordinary things about Skydio is that they have various options to purchase. One can be for personal use and is an affordable option, while the other can be used in professional industries. What professionals should adopt this 3D laser scanning tool?


Running a construction crew is hard, and creating a plan for the team to follow can be tedious, especially when a site is full of surprises. This tool can be used to fly over a potential construction site to pick up any hazardous areas, objects in the way and allow for an accurate plan to be created. 


It’s great for police teams but also search and rescue teams. If there is a natural disaster, building collapse, or another emergency, this drone and 3D laser scanning device can help detect the bodies of people who could still be alive. 


A drone may be able to pick up emergencies and help the police or enforcements respond faster. It can help with security and patrolling an area, and making defending a place much more manageable. It can be the eyes in areas that others cannot reach. 

Final Thoughts

We are excited to see all of the companies that adopt Skydio 3D laser scanning services. As this industry becomes bigger, we will see new advancements with drones and scanning. This could change the way we respond to emergencies and allow us to defend ourselves better. 

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