Efficient Operations Using 3D Laser Scanning

Using technology to make construction sites more efficient

There are many different types of rigs, and for each case, a thorough inspection must be done of the rig must be done before any operations can continue. Before there was 3D laser scanning, it typically took a team 10 full days to inspect the rig itself before anything could be done. The team would go out one at a time for three days, gathering the information they needed and then seven days of reporting and creating layouts. 3D laser scanning has cut this time in half. This has created a more efficient way to run a site.

3D laser scanning can scan an entire layout in less time than it would take to send a team out individually. It captures precise information that an entire team can receive, so the team can understand what needs to change for the operation at hand. It can be printed into a model or created into virtual reality, which then allows a whole team to walk through.

There are many benefits of using this technology, and that is why so many construction sites and teams who survey rigs have adopted 3D laser scanning. It has cut work time in half, made sites safer, and has created ways for open communications in all parts of the planning and operation systems.

What is 3D laser scanning and why is it important

3D laser scanning is some of the most accurate technology you can find on the market and has changed our lives as a whole. It captures information through rapid image collecting and lasers shining lights on an object creating digital points to take note of. It then can be saved forever in the cloud, making it one of the best references for any future projects.

Once the information is saved, it can be edited, printed, or turned into virtual reality, all giving a team full access to the data. It is accurate and precise, making it one of the best tools for any operation. It is able to tell you what needs to be fixed, what is the most critical task to accomplish, and overall making a place safer and more secure.

This technology was not always as great as it is now. In the 1960s, it was being used to make physical models and turning them into digital files. However, due to how new it was and how much work it needed, it was not adopted until the 1990s. To this day, it is still being adopted rather slowly. Still, as professionals around the world see the amazing uses, it will grow to help with the efficiency in many operations.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning has emerged in many professional settings around the world, making construction sites safer, rigs with better quality, and overall a business that runs smoother than they did without the technology. 3D laser scanning has taken off at full speed, and as more versions of this technology come out, we will continue to find more uses for it.

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