Famous Artists Use 3D Laser Scanning

Taking music videos to new heights

Now more than ever before, it is considered necessary for us to remain socially distant. However, there are still jobs to do, and one of those jobs includes entertainment. We have been able to get tours of historical sites and see real life-like footage on the screens we use through 3D laser scanning. This technology has opened up a whole new world and allows us to stay at home, but view things from around the globe.

Selena Gomez is an actress and a singer who is well known in many countries. She knows right now everyone needs to be safe and stay distant from each other to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Gomez still wanted to make a music video for her new release called ‘Past Life.’ She took her face and embedded it in a landscape scene.

She had people 6 feet apart use their phones to take the images of the scenery. Selena Gomez partnered with Scan Truck, which is a mobile 3D laser scanning company. They allowed her to set up cameras everywhere while also still capturing her full body image. The music video takes your soaring over the trees, mountains, canyons, and more. The video shows Selena Gomez and Trevor Daniel standing in amazing places. It even puts their facial features in the mountains and terrain. Technology has allowed artists to create incredible music videos.

How does 3D laser scanning work

The scan truck isn’t your typical 3D laser scanning device; in fact, it has hundreds of cameras set up around a room. Each camera takes a rapid picture of a person. On an average 3D laser scanning device, there is a light projected from the device that measures the distance of the light from the object back to the device.

The scan truck has hundreds of cameras set up in a semi-circle to catch every person’s angle. It takes thousands of pictures up close and from a distance. It collects all of the details of a person, including tiny hairs on their faces! Once all of the information is collected, it is then sent to editors. Everything looks real and life-like.

They can take all of the information from the 3D laser scanning equipment and make it into what it needs to be. In this case, Selena Gomez used it for her music video. You can tell she physically went into the room of cameras, was scanned for the music video, and edited herself into the scenery. It is awesome! 3D laser scanning images can be turned into videos, efiles, virtual reality, and even physical models.

3D laser scanning helps us stay socially distanced

Due to COVID-19, we have to remain socially distant from others until our researchers can create a vaccine. Thanks to technology, we can find ways to ‘get out’ but remain inside. Many people are using 3D laser scanning devices to capture images of the outside world and develop them into videos or virtual reality. You can view everything from the comfort of your home while being safe.

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