Farmers Turn to 3D Laser Scanning

Robo Farm hands using 3D laser scanning services

When you think “farmer” I bet you picture an overalls wearin’ country bumpkin whose favorite color is John Deere green. Well, you can delete that thought from your memory right now. Times are changing. They overalls may be the same, but the ways of farmin’ are changin’ Farmers ain’t the guys sitting on the front parch in a rocker chair waiting for harvest. Today’s farmers are training robots to do 3D laser scanning services on their crops. Them ears of yours done heard me right. They’s trainin’ a dang robot!! That tells me one of two things. Those farmers are getting smarter or lazier.  Well, if I was a farmer, I’d vote for both. If a robot wants to do all the work for me then I’ll just be lazy, thank you very much. Actually what I just said here is a little misleading. Robots aren’t going to take over the farming process all together. Using 3D laser scanning services, though, robots will be given an important task to do.

Use 3D laser scanning to gather data

So what can a robot do better than a seasoned farmer? Drive the tractor? Well, I don’t know. Maybe. I am sure that they did not spend money and research time just so they could eat a sandwich while the tractor goes on auto pilot. There has to be something much more useful than that. In fact, there is. These 3D laser scanning machines are design to analyze the crop. Farmers are interested in knowin’ how things are growin’. They want to know how specific seeds are growing compared with others. They want to get to the bottom of how harsh weather effects the plants. So they use 3D laser scanning services to look at how tall the plants are, how lush the leaves are, and many other factors. Using 3D laser scanning services to do this work saves a lot of manual labor. It takes a lot more effort to gather that kind of data manually. 

3D laser scanning services takes on the weeds

The company that has been developing this technology is called Blue River Technology. They are not at all new to bringing innovative ideas to the farm field. Before they came out with the 3D laser scanning services robot scanners, they had put out a robot that killed weeds among lettuce crop. Well, how ‘bout that? This idea really was a humdinger. It allowed farmers to produce about 10% more crop. That is a lot. It also saved a lot of money on laborers who would have otherwise had to go in and pull those weeds. The plan is to also keep putting out weed killer bots. There are lot of other vegetables that need to be freed from the tyranny of the weed. Blue River Technology is gonna gid’r done. You can bet the farm on that.

If you ask me, this sound like a company worth supporting. After all, I love my bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich. The more lettuce the merrier.  As for the 3D laser scanning services robot scanners, I am quite pleased at the idea. This is what technology should be used for. It should be helping those hard working farmers get a bit more out of their labor. We don’t give them enough credit for all their hard work. Thank ya much!

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