3D Printer for Kids

The German educational building block company, Fischertechnik, has been making construction sets for kid’s education for 50 years. Their building sets are specifically designed to aid in the development of eye & hand coordination, general and detailed motor skills, spatial imagination capabilities, imagination and flowing creativity, rational thought processes, and a basic understanding of technology and its mechanisms.

Education and 3D Printer Technology

With their commitment to child development, they have released a built-it-yourself 3D printer! By merging their building kit platform with the world of 3D technologies, kids can now build and maintain their very own 3D printer. The kit comes complete with:Educational 3D Printer

  • – Control PCB in fischertechnik housing with Atmel microcontroller, USB interface for PC (USB port Micro B, incl. interface cable), 4 step motor drivers (for x-, y, z-axis and extruder), one power output (MOS-FET) for the extruder nozzle (hot end), connections for 3 limit switches and a temperature sensor, DC port for voltage supply 19V, 5A, dimensions: 150x90x25mm.
  • 3D printer software on CD, with slicer and printer control, specially adapted to fischertechnik 3D printer (Windows 7, 8, 10). Numerous finished printing examples contained as G-codes.
  • 4 high-torque step motors (x-/ y-/ z-axis, extruder), 3 mini push-buttons (as limit switches for x-/ y-/ z-axis), heated nozzle (for 1.75 mm Ø filament) with temperature monitoring, printing bed with removable printing plate.
  • Incl. power unit (AC input 100-240V, DC output 19V, 5A, 50-60Hz).
  • Incl. top quality filament sample (PLA, 1.75 mm diameter). Quality filament (PLA) in special fischertechnik colors can be ordered separately.

The Fisschertechnik 3D Printer also comes with its own printing examples to print, while offering a platform to print your very own custom prints. The goal for this product combines Fischertechnik’s overall goals of the developmental education of kids and the new and exciting world of 3D printing, that is becoming more and more apart of our lives. Be sure to check out Fischertechnik and look for this educationally fueled 3D printer in stores June!.