Fruit Harvesters Turn to 3D Laser Scanning Services

Farming Industry Goes High Tech

Believe it or not, making our favorite chocolate nut spread takes a lot of hard work and many people who have to collect and harvest the nuts. Companies around the world wanted to focus on making harvesting the fruits easier, so they wanted to build something to help those collecting the fruits. This would be kind of like a car that could maneuver through the fields easily, all while collecting the nuts from the trees. 3D laser scanning services was used to help ensure these mobiles would be able to do the job. 

3D laser scanning services are an essential tool for many small companies. Though the initial cost upfront is pricier than other options, it saves so much time. It has so many benefits that it is actually one of the best purchases for ROI. Creating a complex fruit harvesting machine would typically take years to do, but with the help of the latest technology, it took only a few months. 

Once the machine is completed faster, they can collect fruits faster. This means more treats for us, happier farmers, and a moving economy. The return on investment from 3D laser scanning services is undeniably high. This is why many people are using this technology for their small businesses. 

“A 3D scanner is a trusted professional tool for small companies, even if it is not used daily. Understanding how a complex object differs from the model is a huge advantage in time and energy savings. The mathematical diagramming of complex assemblies provides certainty that they can actually be put together. We hope that future 3D scanners can become even more compact so that we can digitalize the smallest components. We hope that this technology becomes even more simplified,” says Product Developer Giancarlo Rinero.

How 3D laser scanning works

The coolest thing about 3D laser scanning is there is not one version; there are many different versions. They all work relatively the same way by collecting information at a rapid pace. However, one of the most common kinds includes taking rapid pictures of an object to collect information. It takes thousands of pictures per second. All anyone has to do is slowly move around the object, ensuring every side is captured. 

It uses data points to connect to the images in a CAD program where it can be made into a virtual model. This method is incredibly accurate and leaves little guesswork to the people in need of the scans. The CAD program will allow the engineers to see the model and how it could run before taking any physical actions. This is one of the major benefits of using a 3D laser scanning device. 


3D laser scanning services have entered the farming industry and has become one of the go-to tools. It is helping farmers understand their land and layout better and is now helping with the harvesting part. We can expect more food, happier farms, and less stress on the environment. We can’t wait to see how technology impacts the farming industry next. 

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