Get a Good Fit with 3D Laser Scanning Services

A 3D laser scanning services solution

Clothes can be a pain. Last week I took my wife to a store that had a huge sale. There they had boxes and boxes of clothes set outside of the store. All you had to do was pay $15 for an empty plastic bag and you could take home as much as you could fit in the bags you bought. So we paid our $30 for two bags and started stuffing clothes into our bags. Once we had packed those bags to the point of tearing walked away thinking that we had gotten some kind of deal. It turnout not to be such a good deal for me. I don’t mean that the clothes were not quality brand named clothes. They had all the good brands I buy. The problem became evident when I tried the stuff on. The size on the clothing looked right, but most of it didn’t fit. One pair of pants wouldn’t even button they were so tight. The sleeves one of the dress shirts felt too short. I think only two or three items fit right. That’s okay, though, I can just buy a belt or suspenders. I can just refuse to shake anyone’s hand to keep the shortness of the sleeves from showing, right? Next time I won’t go there. The problems is that when I go into stores I find the same problem. It’s hard to find stuff my size. Maybe I just have strange shaped body. There has to be a better way to deal with this. In fact, there is. It is called 3D laser scanning services.

3D laser scanning going to change the clothing scene

The clothing scene is about to change due to what 3D laser scanning services has to offer it. People who buy clothing (that’s all of us) was two things; good looks and good fit.  If one of those is wrong then there is a problem. Right now with all of the fashion choices it should not be hard for anyone to find a good looking shirt or a pair of slacks that serves a handsome sticker slapped on the back. The problem lies with the size. Getting the right size can make a happy shopper in some swagger clothes look like they came out of an insane asylum. Who wants the trouble of returning clothes. It’s as good as going shopping and not buying something at all. This is where we have to talk to Mr. 3D laser scanning services at your service, sir.

3D laser scanning in your home

There are some 3D laser scanning services companies out there who are working on in-home scanners that are looking like the wave of the clothing future.  In-house 3D laser scanners are made to get you the right fit. How does it work?  In-house 3D laser scanners are made to get the exact shape of your body. 3D laser scanners can find the exact contours of your body members and this it what clothes makers need if they are going to give you a perfect fit.  No need to run down to the tailor shop and have someone run a tape measure along your arms and legs. With in-house 3D laser scanner someone could have those dimensions send right to the clothing manufacturer. If the clothes are to be custom-made, then exact measurements are the key. If the seller is selling you pre-made clothes, then the exact measurements will be real helpful to finding a right fit. 

I haven’t personally seen any of these in-house 3D laser scanning devices for sale. My guess, though, as people continue to be more tech savvy that we will start seeing them. One thing for sure is that the clothing industry is not going anywhere, nor is people’s need for closes.

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