GKS Global Services Uses 3D Laser Scanning to Built Boats

3d laser scanning makes your decorations even more fun

I read in an article about GKS Global Services that said something to the effect that most boats in existence today are not quite built as planned. This doesn’t mean that they are failures or not sea worthy, but that the measurements of the final product don’t always match up to what the original design called for.  This may be due to things like the effectiveness of the techniques used and the margin of error in the tools used to build it. Whatever the case is, there seems to be a difference in what the designer planned and what the ship and the final outcomes are, and that includes every part from outside to inside.

They said the fact that design and product are not quite in agreement leads to a rather difficult problem when a replacement part is needed.  How do you fix a hull when the replacement part is not quite the same as the actual parts. There is a technique called long-range laser which is uses 3D laser scanning to produces a true-to-reality model of the boat. This makes it possible to do repair and modification the right way in one shot, so as not to waste time and money.

gsk global service's legacy in 3d laser scanning

GKS Global Services is a 3D laser scanning service providing laser scanning techniques and solutions internationally since the early 80’s. They have been on the front lines dealing with the not-quite-built-as-designed problem. These efforts have contributed to the fact that these 3D laser scanning methods are being commonly used today. Todays 3D laser scanning method can scan to a minute level that detects the difference between design and reality. Better accuracy mean time and money for engineers.

playing a role in ship building

GKS has been successful in bringing 3D laser scanning technology to the marine vessel industry.Creating more accurate data readings and obtaining data at better speeds is always the goal in development of new technologies, and every technology has its own advantages. The long-range scanning takes a 3D laser scan of an object of large scale that can then be made into a 3D CAD model.These CAD models can be universally used in the construction process. Due to the high accuracy of the scan, construction teams can guarantee that the results are going to be pretty close to model every step of the building process.  This guarantees that deck areas, electric wire systems, etc., will be built without straying off course.

3D laser scanning can also be used to see the future in building projects. 3D models can predict what construction outcome will look like and can therefore help the planning process.  All of this is going to lead to saving money, saving time, and probably the most important of all, saving lives by making them safer.  Of course highly accurate 3D models can provide more advantages, like the ability to do remote construction and such, but the key point that we can come away with is that 3D laser scanning has done a lot to improve the marine vessel industry.

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