Helmets with 3D Laser Scanning

Custom fit for safety and comfort

3D laser scanning has made many things possible. You can scan almost any item, and 3D print a usable copy. It is made with precise dimensions, and it creates the product sustainably. Many consumers are wondering if things like helmets can be created and used with this technology and if it is actually safe to wear. The answer is yes! With the help of 3D laser scanning, helmets can be customized to your head with the help of professionals and then printed just for you.

3D laser scanning is the act of taking thousands of pictures of a scene or object to gather information on something. In this case, someone used a handheld device to gather dimensions of someone’s head.  This technology can gather all sorts of small details that would take someone a very long time to gather themselves.

Once the information is collected, it is sent to the cloud, where it can be saved forever and used as a future reference. From there, the data can be sent to a partnering system where it can be edited, viewed, sent across the world, developed into virtual reality, or in this case, 3D printed from the scans.

3D printing takes the scans and produces a physical copy going layer by layer. Using all of the information to form an accurately custom-made product. The scanning takes very little time; however, the printing takes a bit more time to do because someone has to watch the printer to make sure it is producing the product correctly.

What to look for in a helmet

In any helmet, regardless of how it is produced, you should look for certain safety features. You need to look for a mask with a sturdy protective shell, and a helmet with a lot of shock absorption. On top of all of that, you will want to make sure it fits properly and won’t make you uncomfortable.

This can be one of the best things about using a 3D laser scanning device to get a custom-made helmet. It creates a product that is meant uniquely for you, accustomed to your specific dimensions, making it comfortable for you to wear for hours at a time.

Professional designs to look at

When getting a helmet made from 3D laser scanning, you will want to go to professionals. This is not a project you will be able to do on your own at home, it will not be safe enough for you to do. Here are two companies that create these unique helmets.

Kupol- This helmet has a fantastic design that is hard to beat. It is a lightweight product that is flexible and comfortable for long periods. As more consumers notice this brand, the more adoption this brand will have.

Hexr- The best thing about this helmet is that the shell is interchangeable, meaning you can change the look and design of this helmet! There is a honeycomb core that helps protect your head, and it is made entirely from plants making it sustainable, unlike other brands.

3D laser scanning is slowly being adopted throughout sports, and we are continuously finding ways to improve the technology for our athletes.

Final thoughts

There are many reasons 3D laser scanning devices are becoming adopted, but one of the number one reasons it is providing safer products for consumers to use. It is creating ways for us to build custom-fit products that are comfortable and could save lives. This technology is some of the best in the world, and as we find more uses for it will gain more traction.

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