Helping Your Walk With 3D Scanning

A 3d Scanning services brings customization

In this day of mass consumerism, the competition for efforts for customer satisfaction is getting tougher. When people get too many choices, they get picky. I know this is true when it comes to food. If I have nothing but a few choices, then I can learn to be content. The problem comes when I get too many choices. At that time I am much more difficult to please. A grilled cheese sandwich is not even going to get some consideration if there is a steak, a taco, or a philly-cheese available. Now I am not saying that too many options are always bad. Sometimes more option means that things are getting better. That is true when I comes to footwear. People these days have a lot of choices to choose from. Not only can they choose from a variety of fashions, but they can also choose for a specific function. Some shoes are for work and some are for play. Today people can even get a customized shoe made using 3D scanning services.

Personalize look and fit with 3D scanning

A shoe made by 3D scanning services is the ultimate of choices. Not only does it give you the shoe with a perfect fit, but it also gives you your preferred fashion. A perfect fitted shoe is not something that is easy to find. Even if it is a top brand name like Adidas, Nike, or Reebok, nothing is going to fit perfectly. The problem is that the company that makes the shoe can’t make an infinite number of different sizes for every foot. In fact, your own two feet are not even the same size. How is a shoe company going to guess exactly what your foot looks like. The best you can do is just buy a pair of shoes that fits as close as possible. Actually, let me take that back. That used to be true until 3D scanning services appeared on the scene to change the way we find a great fitting shoe forever.

A New way to measure

3D scanning services makes it easy. Instead of using the old method tape measures and that silver device that you used to stand on in the shoe store, 3D does it better and faster. 3D scanning is a no contact way to get your whole foot measured. A device like a fit id can capture your foot from all dimensions. Basically what happens is the device takes a digital image of a persons foot by creating a 3D point cloud. The computerized model of the foot can then be used to create a shoe that fits like a glove. I can’t image how comfortable that would feel.

This is just another example how 3D scanning services is making manufactured products a lot better. It is helping shoe companies give the customer exactly what they want.  In my mind that is complete success for everyone. So you might want to keep your eyes peeled for a chance to buy a customized shoes made by 3D scanning services.

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