How to Use Your Smartphone for 3D Scanning

In the digital age where Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our life, 3D scanning is leveraging smartphones to allow customers to 3D scan on the go. 3D scanning is slowly gaining traction with mobile users because of which a bouquet of scanning apps are available. Thanks to the cutting edge technology, you can transform your phone into a scanner and create digital images of objects in the surrounding. The whole idea is to make three-dimensional scanning as simple as taking selfies with a mobile phone. Now, instead of taking regular conventional photos, you have to move the camera around the object to capture the image. And, once the scanning is finished, the app collects the data and turns it into a 3D model. You can use the model and print the images.


3 tips for 3d scanning objects using a Smartphone

1) Proper lighting

Whether you’re using the 3D scanning services indoors or outdoors, you need adequate lighting. To get the best results, it’s recommended to scan the images under bright light, which spreads evenly around the object. Furthermore, if your scan objects with complex geometry or hollowed objects, ensure that the sun does not create shadows, otherwise the object will not be appropriately read by the scanner. Moreover, to get a uniform result, beware that the model fits the screen, so adjust the model or position the scanner in a way it captures the images properly.

2) Choosing the object


Smartphone scanners are not meant for scanning thin or moving objects such as tree-leaves. As far as possible, avoid objects with plain geometry because they lack geometric complexion and results in reflection, which hampers the overall quality of the output. For the same reason, avoid transparent objects as differentiating them from the background becomes a tough task for the 3D scanning services. And, you will end-up wasting your time on objects which are impossible to represent using a three-dimensional scan.

3) 3d scanning faces

3D scanning services offer a bouquet of advantages when used in integration with a Smartphone. And, if you’re looking to scan the face of an individual, start scanning from ear to ear by walking around the person. Ensure you capture the face from different angles so that you don’t end up missing some of the critical features of the face. However, to obtain a perfect scan, you need to maintain an equal distance from the person while scanning the face. The hair of the individuals might not appear in the best possible way. Try to place the person you’re scanning in a background with a single and bright color. This way the scanner can differentiate between the head from the background, thereby giving a high-quality scan.

Search the Play store or iTunes for a scanning app that fits your daily requirement. Furthermore, focus on hiring 3D scanning services to create high-quality images, which you can share with your friends and family members.

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