How Will Augmented Reality Matter in the Future?

The mixing of the physical and the digital world is slowly gaining traction and industries are using the augmented reality to create a lasting impact in the minds of the customer. The digital tool is prompting customers to think beyond their imagination and communicate more appropriately with brands. The AR apps can easily turn anything boring into something funny, worthwhile and eye-catching. The technology is likely to turn into a serious business in the coming years because companies are capable of attracting and retaining customers using the concept of AR. It’s becoming the magic lens for companies, thereby empowering them to unleash their creativity and come out with groundbreaking innovations.

where augmented reality will matter:

1) Toys and games

Pokemon Go in 2016 was an era in the life of AR because it brought the digital reality, one-step closer to the physical reality. The game simply mapped the virtual characters to different real-world locations, thereby making AR games an instant hit with people of all age groups. According to a report, the game was such a hit that it gathered more than $6 million as revenue in a single day. The gaming industry is yet to leverage the advantage of augmented reality to its full potential. Gaming and toy manufacturing companies are creating AR toys which are helping kids learn and grasp information faster. The technology is sharpening the problem-solving skills of children and helping them fulfill their dreams. 

2) Art

Believe it or not! According to many data scientists, the amalgamation of automation and algorithms will help the humans get more creative. In the field of art, augmented reality is likely to bring innovations and will serve as an alternative to drawing on sheets and an easel. Kids and professionals can quickly draw on their smartphones and take their innovation anywhere in their pockets. In the coming years, the technology will help customers find buildings with a specific art using prefixed locations and tags. Even the art galleries will benefit from the rising adoption of AR as it will create an immersive experience and increase the footfall in the art galleries and exhibitions. 

3) Finding facts and interesting things

Today, we are dependent upon Google to answer our questions, but in the coming years, the trend is likely to change. Customers will rely on their camera lens and AR apps to find facts and answers to their questions. Holding the camera against an artifact in the museum will give the customers insightful details about the artifact without searching the image on Google. The technology is creating ripples and in the coming years change the entire landscape of how things are searched on the internet.

As augmented reality continues to grow, it’s likely to stay in the mobile arena and provide an immersive experience to the audience. The growth of augmented reality will emphasize on practical and surprising applications. Augmented reality is no longer limited just to headsets!

3) Finding facts and interesting things

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