3D Printed Insoles

Day by day, we are seeing 3D technologies being used in manufacturing and personalization. Now, WIIVV is offering customers an alternative to shoe insoles that are precisely measured and printed just for them. Based in San Diego, WIIVV uses a software app that helps you measure your foot and upload the information to their system. Then they print a custom insole for your shoe specifically fitted for your feet in a style that you have selected. This process not only gives the customer a custom insole fitted for your feet for maximum comfort and support, but also offers this service without having to meet the customer in person.

Custom-Printed Comfort

WWIIV is an on-demand manufacturing company that strives to provide customers with better comfort and pain relief. Computer vision and digital mapping technologies are used to generate the 3D-printable models from a piece of paper. The result is a custom insole that is unique to your feet, even unique between your left and right feet. Arches are printed using high quality nylon material, allowing flexible range of motion while providing arch support.

Arrival 3D can also scan insoles, if you are interested in developing your own line. call us today for your 3D scanning and 3D printing needs.