industrial CT scanning - a closer look

it doesn't get much smaller than a photon

Industrial CT Scanning is the cream of the crop when it
comes to 3D scanning services. If you can afford it, the results from this type
of 3d scanning will amaze you. The level of detail possible is almost down to
the molecular level. For most day-to-day applications, this type of detail is
not needed of course. But it helps to remember that the sheer scale of what is
possible with CT scanning, and to understand that the result you may receive for
industrial projects is nowhere near the maximum resolution possible. Why is it
that CT scanning is so capable? Mainly because its primary vehicle for sensing
3D information is the photon, one of the smallest particles in the universe. When
you think about how tiny a photon is, it is easy to understand how a probing
photon beam is incredibly precise, as if the worlds thinnest touch probe is making
contact with the part at different spots. So we are really limited by our ability
to focus the beam and detect the results. That is the reason why your
industrial ct scans look so crisp an detailed, almost too detailed in fact. Too
much detail can be problematic in a few ways. 1) The output files may be
un-necessarily large, 2) Larger files take up more memory and slow subsequent
processing, and 3) the extra detail may in fact be unwanted, such as picking up
surface texture and flaws that would just end up being smoothed over anyway. 4)
It adds cost and time to the scanning, both which we aim to minimize. So
excessive detail with industrial CT scanning can be too much of a good thing. But
by discussing your needs and goals with your 3D scanning service provider, the
optimum resolution can be determined that accomplishes your objectives without
going overboard. Industrial CT scanning paired with 3D printing is the closest
thing we have to a Star Trek transporter and replicator, where an object is captured
not just on the surface like optical scanners, but within, and often to high
enough detail that it can be faithfully reproduced directly on a 3D printer. Would
I recommend industrial CT scanning of a human that way? Probably not, as the
exposure to X-rays would be very high and likely result in the person getting cancer
someday. It certainly would be interesting to try though, if there were any
volunteers brave enough to take one for the team and provide some interesting to
blog about. I guess for now though we’ll stick to doing 3d scanning services that
benefit companies developing and testing their products, creating replacement
parts or doing competitive research and reverse engineering. Industrial CT
scanning is the way to go if you need the best 3D scanning services can afford
to spend a little more. The cost is coming down but is likely to remain high in
the long term, because controlling photon beams is expensive and there aren’t
too many shortcuts. 

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In short, industrial CT scanning is a new way of seeing and can help you achieve great things.

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