Let 3D Laser Scanning Give You A Racing View

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Start your engines! One of the coolest things to watch in the world of sports is a view from the driver’s seat in an Indy 500 or Nascar race. When you see the car from fixed camera view on the track or even from the stadium seats, the feeling is not as intense. Viewing it through the eyes of the driver gives you a bit of an adrenaline rush. That’s what we want. We want to view it like we are there. That’s is what some guys involved in 3D laser scanning services are doing to give people a feel for the track. They are taking their 3D laser scanning to the Karting track to give people more than just a spectators view.

Make it Digital With 3D Laser Scanning Services

I am just an amateur when it comes to racing, but some people are big on it. Those people go to places like Buckmore Park in the UK. It is a place for those who aspire to be professional racers. Buckmore Park has been around for a while. The whole thing started back in the 1960’s and has been going ever since and has hosted some big time races. It was eventually purchased by seven time world class motorcycle champion and Formula 1 champion John Surtees. It has become the place to go for both kids and adults for karting. Now for marketing purposes racing park has called on 3D laser scanning services to get a digitized version of that park.  A digitized fly-through model is going to allow everyone to get a fly through view of any park of the racing track. To do it they got the experts from CADPLAN to do it. 

3D Laser scanning with the right scanner

So how does a company like that do a 3D scan of a whole Karting track? They used a the Faro 3D 120S laser scanner to get the job done. A laser scanner allows them to capture every inch of the racing track and then recreate it as a digital model. The workings of 3D laser scanning is pretty simple. The 3D laser scanner measures the distance between the surface of an object the sensor on the scanner. This distance is determined by the laser that is reflected off of the surface of the object and is recorded as a point. All of these points are collected and stored together into what is called a point cloud. That point cloud will be used to reconstruct the racetrack as a virtual model. 

In fact, Buckmore Park is not the only ones using 3D laser scanning services. The guys at K1 Speed are taking Kart racing in the the Oculuis realm.  It’s a pretty wild idea.  Racers drive on an actual track but view everything through an Oculus headset. Using 3D scanning services this team of 3D laser scanning experts made a way to promote the racing track so that more people can get a feel for it before they even go there.  Of course looking at a screen or through an Oculus can’t beat the real thing.

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