Mapping The World Through 3D Laser Scanning

Smart phone users can 3d map their own communities

Have you ever imagined preserving the world how you see it, but digitally? A group in Silicon Valley has asked the help of online users to 3D map their community to map out the entire world. Phones have small sensors that can act as 3D laser scanning devices, and big companies have asked their users to go out and capture their streets, community, and more. This could lead to many advancements in the future.

When many people can’t leave the house and want to limit going out, this can be one of the best ways to explore the world. Creating an open-source for people to explore, look at, and learn from. 3D laser scanning is some of the most advanced technology but has been embedded in some of the technology we use every day.

How does 3D laser scanning work

The coolest thing about 3D laser scanning comes in many different forms now, and we see it more and more. Many of the latest iPhones and iPads now have small sensors embedded in them, and some apps can turn your average phone into a high-depth scanning device.

This technology was created in the 1960s but wasn’t adopted until the late 1990s. Now you can see it take many shapes. There are handheld devices that can scan massive objects. There are full-body scanners someone can walk into. There are also versions that you can step on for accurate foot measurements.

We also see it emerge in games like Pokemon Go, where you can scan your surrounding areas and look for Pokemon in your neighborhood. You can go on Google maps and explore your own streets without leaving home. As we see this technology advance, we will continue to see it emerge in unexpected ways.

Why should we map the world

The biggest question you might have is, why are we mapping the world? Well, there are multiple answers. However, one of the best reasons is that the world is changing rapidly. Every day something new is being found, and more are being destroyed. This is a chance to save the Earth digitally how we see it right now. This could allow future generations to understand how we lived, what may have gone wrong, and will let them.

What information can 3D laser scanning capture

The coolest feature of 3D laser scanning is that it can capture microscopic details on massive objects. This means someone can capture an entire street if they wanted to, and the scanner would pick up an immense amount of details.

It can pick up each blade of grass, every mark in the concrete, every mailbox in-depth, and more. This tool is so accurate it can pick up multiple different shades of the same color, even hard to analyze colors like blacks and dark blues. All of this information gets stored in the cloud, where it can never be erased.

Final thoughts

We are seeing consumers use 3D laser scanning, and we are excited to see how open information gets shared with the public. 2021 will be a year of many new advancements, and we will be seeing more people, even consumers use this technology.

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