Measuring Body Composition with 3D Laser Scanning

Creating a plan to be healthier

As we become more health-conscious in society, we are becoming aware that our kids and future generations are already becoming obese. We notice this because doctors are increasing their checkups on kids, and noticing obesity is a trend amongst our children. Now instead of doing other checkups, doctors around the world are adopting 3D laser scanning devices to use on our children to measure body composition.

Using the latest technology like 3D laser scanning can help us understand what is going on in our children’s bodies and allow us to find the root of the problems quicker. Doctors can see what is going on outside of the body as well as inside of the body. With this equipment, doctors are able to see the total fat of a child, fat-free mass, body fat, and visceral body fat.

Knowing this can help create a plan for our children to be healthier. What areas need to be worked on, where the problem areas are. As kids grow, their bodies change, and using a 3D laser scanning device to track them is a good way to keep track of the healthy and unhealthy changes in our children’s bodies.

How 3D laser scanning works

This technology uses a laser light that bounces over someone’s body collecting information on them. It captures data on the inside and outside of the body and stores the information in the cloud where it is saved forever. Making it perfect for accurate charts that doctors need to track changes and keep a patient history.

As the light bounces on a patient, the machine also takes rapid pictures. Thousands per second that helps create a fuller image of a patient. 3D laser scanning is one of the most accurate tools on the market, and it is no wonder that doctors and hospitals have adopted this technology to help patients with their health problems.

Benefits of using this technology on kids

3D laser scanning is incredibly safe; it does not harm your body in any way. It is also a lot more comfortable for your child. Instead of being poked and prodded by doctors and tools, they simply stand or lay down for just a few minutes.

The process is noninvasive and can cause no internal harm like other tools that may be used during a checkup. This is a great tool for doctors because it gives them invaluable insight into a body, and can help the parents clearly understand what is going on. The scans act like a model, and another form of evidence to back up what the doctor is saying.

Through a trial, researchers found this to be one of the best ways to get accurate results on kids who suffered from obesity. To get the scans done, all the kids needed to fast for 12 hours and wear tight clothes. None of them were at risk for any harm.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning is continuing to change our world by being implemented in many different fields. It is upgrading our standard of living. This technology will help us develop health plans, and will help us fight child obesity. As these tools become more advanced, they will upgrade our quality of life in many ways.

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