Personalized 3D Modeling

Weather it be industrial, medical, or manufacturing, the 3D printing market is constantly expanding to meet the needs of everyone. With new advances and personalization, more and more markets for custom 3D modeled & printed products are taking shape for the modern customer.

Nicetrails: 3D Modeling for the Modern Hiker

Say, for instance, you love the outdoors and hiking. What better way to immortalize the memory of your favorite trail than a 3D printed model of your hiking trail? Nicetrails (based in Barcelona, Spain), has developed a one-click tool to turn your GPS tracked hike into a 3D model.

3D Modeling

All you need is the GPX file of your GPS tracked hike. Visit, upload your GPX file and view your hiking trail in 3D in a matter of minutes. Nicetrails isn’t just about viewing your hike in 3D. For about $100, Nicetrails will use 3D modeling to create a full 3D printed trophy to commemorate your hike and achievement.

These awesome hiking trophies are printed outof  Sandstone with a gypsum based model and are made to last. The models are hollow and printed with the external walls at about 3mm.

Nicetrails has bridged the gap between the relatively new world of 3D modeling technologies and merged them with our human desire to create and commemorate our personal achievements. These models not only make great personal trophies, but great gifts for fellow hikers as well.

The world of 3D modeling & printing is becoming more and more suited for the everyday consumer. Nicetrails is a prime example of this. Be sure to check out their website and start commemorating your hiking achievements using 3D modeling.