Power Plant 3D Scanning

Power plant 3D Scanning

3D scanning can be used to obtain as-built CAD models at your power plant

With emerging EPA mandates, more and more utilities are faced with the challenges of upgrading existing systems with equipment like scrubbers without updated plant drawings. These large projects involve retrofitting complicated systems within congested space and a tight time frame. They involve routing new equipment around existing structural steel and identifying tie-in points for exhaust ducting and piping, decisions that can’t be made on the fly during installation. Project success relies heavily upon having up-to-date as built field construction drawings so that projects can be executed in a timely manner with minimal rework and within budget.

3D Power Plant

How can 3D Scanning help the situation?

3D scanning has the ability to accurately capture all the existing pipes, structural steel, ducting, etc. and provide engineers with up-to-date drawings that will put their minds at ease knowing that interferences are identified and that the least invasive path can be selected to accommodate the new retrofit.

How does power plant 3D SCanning work?

3D laser scanning works by capturing a 360-degree sweep of all nearby of equipment in a single scan. By merging multiple scans, sections of the plant may be captured in a single day. Highly congested areas can be scanned in this manner. 3D scanners are capable of taking measurements accurate to 1/4” from a distance of 100 meters or more, resulting in accurate as-built data. The ability to capture measurements from a distance can increase safety and reduce scaffolding expenses. The resulting 3d scans provide a wealth of data from which can be extracted CAD model, panoramic imagery, ortho-images and other useful aids to your projects.

What are the steps for power plant 3D sCanning?

1. Identify the scanning scope area
2. Capture a series of scans
3. Merge the scans
4. Align the scans with plant coordinates
5. Produce a 3D cad model or other desired deliverable.

How much does power plant 3D Scanning Cost?

Power plant 3D scanning ranges in cost depending on project size, ranging from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands.

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