Professional Baseball Using 3D Printing and 3D Laser Scanning Services

Hi-Tech Game Plan

“Let’s playball!” I am not talking to you fans out there, nor am I talking to those cleats wearing ball-cap wearing players. I am not even talking to those overweight tobacco sunflower seed spitting coaches. Who I am talking to is 3D printing and 3D laser scanning services. These services are taking the field to have its part in the game plan. That should be no surprise to us because technology is gradually become part of the sports. Technology is being used in Major league Baseball by providing the means to improve stadiums and even to help coaches strategize how to win games.

Make it better

First of all, 3D laser scanning services are helping stadium modifications. When there is need to modify stadiums, for instance, adding barriers for fan protection, rebuilding dugouts, or modifying the seating, engineers need to have a good fix on the dimensions and layouts of the stadiums. 3D laser scanning can do this job better that any, and with much precision. The benefit of doing the measurements right is that it saves time and money. When they start to prepare the materials, they will be pretty certain how much time will need to be spent, and how much money it will cost. Most of us probably don’t think much of that when we buy tickets to see a game. We may notice that something is different, like an extended bleacher section, but what we don’t realize in fact is that 3D scanning had a lot to do with the planning.

Analysing the field

Major League Baseball is taking 3D printing services to the diamond, the baseball diamond that is, and it is helping coaches get a better idea of what is happening on the field during games. To be honest, statistics are boring, and they only give you numbers. It would be helpful if some of those statistics could be put in visual form. That is exactly what is happening with this use of 3D printing services. A guy by the name of Daren Wilman is a guy that is using stats of batted balls. The stats tell him where the balls are hit the most, or the hit density on the field we could say. Using an application user interface called Three.js he creates models with Statcast information and Major League Baseball stadium models. With that he is then able to print out a miniaturized playing field showing where the balls have fallen. Wilman’s models will help coaches analyze and plan outfielder training.

Just going to the game and watching some good ol American baseball is fun for me even if I don’t know what is going on behind the scenes with designing and strategizing. But I suppose that is the way it is with most technologies being used in sports to improve the game. I just get used to taking it all for granted. On the other hand, it is interesting to see what 3D printing and 3D scanning services are doing, and I just wonder what more ways it will be a benefit to Major League Baseball.  

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