New Video game designed with 3d laser scanning

artists for video game "project eve" used a new tool at their disposal

Project Eve is a new game that is available on PlayStation4, Xbox 1, and Microsoft Windows. It is a Korean action game that has excited its followers with a new trailer releasing what the game has in store. The developers of the game SHIFTUP released a snippet that showed what you will be battling, and they used the help of 3D laser scanning to do it.  

You get a full view of the exact details that were used to create the creatures in the game. They captured screenshots of the game that players can look through and analyze to understand the level of detail the game makers put into the game. Everything in this game was created with a high level of detail and has made it into a very intense game. This has excited us all. 

Using the latest technology has allowed the developers to share more news with their followers and has also allowed them to create more realistic looking games. 3D laser scanning is being used in video game design because of the many benefits. As 2021 moves further along, we will see more designers and artists adopt this technology.

3D laser scanning and videogames

We all love videogames; it’s one of our favorite pastimes, and many of us have given in to the temptation. As gamers, we want good graphics, intense battles, and challenges in ways only characters in a game could handle. Though we love getting away from the real world and being totally immersed in a dream-like world, we want it, so it looks realistic. 3D laser scanning helps this and benefits many other areas. What are some of the other ways 3D laser scanning helps?

Details of the real world

Any digital artist or video game designer can take a 3D laser scanning device and scan their favorite cities. They can scan their favorite parks or historic sites. This technology can capture every object, size, texture, color, and more. All of the information can be edited and viewed in high-depth before entering the information into the videogame. It can help create a life-like scene drawn from real places.

Saved forever

One of the best features of this technology that appeals to video game designers is that this information can never be erased. Every piece of information that is collected is saved in the cloud. This is a giant web-based server that allows data to be held. This makes it the perfect place to hold things for future reference. It also makes it easy to protect sensitive information or send it to others if necessary.

Virtual reality is the new trend

Something we will see a lot of in 2021 is more virtual video games. We will see it pop up slowly, but it is now gaining more traction. With the help of 3D laser scanning, virtual reality can be made much easier. It can be more accurate, higher depth, and extremely detailed. Imagine a world we can step in and fight beasts without any real consequences. This latest technology can help with that.

Sharing is easier

3D laser scanning opens a new way to communicate. It captures everything, saves everything, and can be sent to the entire team. Anyone with access to the files can edit the data and create a stunning world for the end product.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning is one of the coolest technologies we have on the market. Many companies create new products that are better than ever and have created an extremely competitive market. As more
versions of this scanning device come out in 2021, we will continue to see it bloom, unlike any other market. More people worldwide will use 3D laser scanning to do incredible things and invent otherworldly designs that we would never have dreamed of. 

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