Racing with Custom Seats

Using 3d laser scanning to make the seats more comfortable and secure

Race Car driving is one of the biggest pastimes in America. It is fun to watch, thrilling and gets your blood pumping. The cars are not only made to go extremely fast, but they are also revised and continuously updated for safety reasons. Now, using 3D laser scanning, engineers can update seats into customized ones for the specific driver.  Things like this are something we would never have imagined before 3D laser scanning.

In race car driving, there are well-known accidents that leave the driver hurt, injured, or unwanted. With custom made seats, some can be avoided, it can create a safer environment, and it can help protect the driver. Using 3D laser scanning can make the seat more comfortable and super secure.

How it works

To create a custom-made car seat, a team of engineers used 3D laser scanning and soft trim. It first starts with a scan to analyze the entire object and collect information about what needs to be done. Then the data gets sent to a CAD system where the engineers can edit and manipulate the data. They can also create new objects with the information they already have.  It is an incredibly unique technology that allows for many new inventions to be made.

After all the information is stored, edited, and completes, the engineers can then print with whatever material they would like. Turn the information into virtual reality and actually test it to see how it would hold up, or they can send this information to someone across the globe.

What does 3D laser scanning do

This technology is some of the most interesting because it can take rapid pictures of an object faster than you can imagine. At the same time, it does this; it projects lasers all over the object being scanned. Each laser is measured by the distance it travels to and from the object. It collects information like textures, colors, dimensions, widths, heights, and more.

3D laser scanning is so precise it can pick up microscopic details even on dark surfaces like black and matte black. It can differentiate all colors and can observe things like small little holes and more.

For this project, it can scan a person and find out how they sit, where they are positioned while driving, and create something based on their exact body measurements. This allows them to keep safe during their drive.

Final thoughts

In many ways, this technology has proved to be some of the most fantastic technology worldwide. Many industries are adopting 3D laser scanning because of how detailed and precise it is. It can be used to create safer products that can save our lives.

They are only using 3D laser scanning to update race car seats, but soon it might spread to consumer cars. No one wants to get in a car accident, but it could happen. We may be able to limit the dire consequences that occur after a car accident and save thousands of people’s lives. This could be the new best thing for our automobiles.

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