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Reaching a new level of versatility

A 3D company has changed its goal from using 3D printers to creating virtual avatars for people that can jump to and from any game. It requires a 3D laser scanning device to make the coolest avatar you have ever seen. Wolf3D is an Estonian based company that is dedicated to making this avatar as versatile as it can be. All you need is to have one scan or a photo to create a realistic-looking avatar. They have already embedded their program into a few games for players. Will this be the new way we interact?

3D laser scanning can connect multiple platforms together and create an open virtual world. This means no one company will receive all profits, but it would be shared among everyone participating. Soon we may be able to walk in several games as our own avatars and not have to create several for different games.

What is 3D laser scanning

This device is one of the most unique tools on the market and has opened a world of possibilities for us. It is evolving and advancing past our expectations. Though this technology is not new, it was not always widely accepted. It gained popularity in the 1990s when technology started growing. By most of the time, the significant kinks were worked out, and it was becoming easy to use.

Now, 3D laser scanning comes as a sometimes small or large device that takes rapid pictures of a person. It captures all sides and angles of an object, collecting small pieces of information that would typically go missed. It is much more advanced in obtaining details than a person could ever find.

Once the information is collected, it is saved in the cloud, a server for the internet. This makes it useful to hold the information you don’t want to lose for future generations. After it is saved, the data can be sent to an editing system that is now usually connected with the device and accessed on most computers worldwide.

From there, it can be turned into a physical 3D model, virtual reality, or sent across the world through an e-file. Wolf3D is using this information to connect through multiple platforms, and perhaps even virtual reality. 3D laser scanning opens a world of intricate communication but makes it easy and straightforward.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning has made its way into our world and is continuing to change our lives. We have found so many uses for this technology it is expanding in benefits at an incredible rate. Researchers and engineers are figuring out how to develop the best scanning devices and create a competitive market. This is allowing consumers to find a 3D laser scanning tool that works for their needs.

Now, there are so many people using this equipment, it has reached a new level of versatility. Students use this as a study aid, doctors use it for full-body scans, and police use it to investigate. This is one of the most incredible manmade things you could possess. Now it will change the way we interact in video games.

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