real estate photography in dallas

What is real estate photography?

Real Estate Photography – a 3D virtual reality tour of a real estate properties. That’s right! We’re not talking about just regular pictures if your house or property. We’re referring to the latest craze in the real estate industry, virtual tours of your house. 

benefits of real estate photography in dallas

real estate agents

Sometimes clients know they don’t like a place, just by stepping in the front door. A well designed virtual tour can help relieve some of that disappointment by providing detailed and accurate photos of the property. Real estate agents can save time by showing properties to people who already know they like the area.

Brokerage or Property Management companies

A 3D scan can provide information about the property at a given time. Having a clear record of the condition of the property upon move-in and move-out would be particularly useful for both management companies and renters. Renters would have peace of mind that their assessment of damages would be more accurate and fair.

Moving in Sight-Unseen in dallas

Although it’s not preferable, some people have to move into a new property sight unseen. Whether it’s a move across the country, or a spouse that wasn’t able to go to the showing, 3D virtual tours are a great way to help people feel like they have an idea of where they’re committing to living.

forbes magazine articles

“3D Real Estate Photography Is Now A Reality — And A Must-Have!”

Joe Boylan, sales and marketing expert at SpringHomes, explains the possible benefits of real estate photography. Read the article here. 


“Is this the future of real estate marketing?”

R.L. Adams explores how and why real estate marketing is shifting towards 3D technology, its benefits and consequences, and what “realtors and owners were doing to set themselves apart”. Read the article here. 

are you a realtor or owner?

real estate photography dallas

drive sales, gain rapport, & generate more interest.

Save time, money and energy on your next showing by providing

provide 24/7 virtual tours.

Save time, money and energy on your next showing by providing 24/7 virtual tours for the home you're ready to sell.

Sell homes quicker and easier.

Save time, money and energy on your next showing by providing


Differentiate your listing. 

3D virtual tours are a fun and interactive way for customers to explore a home. A new way to show homes may help build customer interest. 

More accurate representation.

Using traditional photography methods, certain rooms look better with certain lighting or different angles. The actual space may underwhelm you when you visit in person. With 3D real estate photography, you get an aerial perspective, giving you a better idea of the relative spacing between everything in the room.

Pre-screening cuts saves time for everyone.

Prospective home buyers don’t want to waste their time–or your time–viewing a home they don’t actually like. 3D real estate photography tours allows people to see the property as many times as they want, on their own time, and at their own pace.


A 3D camera may be expensive.

Most real estate companies hire photographers or know how to produce their own great photos or videos for marketing. A full frame camera body, 70-300 mm lenses, tripods and a good video program can all be expensive, but for some, a better investment if they already know how to operate and produce great photographs and videos.

The house needs to be spotless.

The area you’re going to shoot needs to be super clean and clutter free. One real estate agent reported that the camera can capture dust on the ceiling fans and smudges near the door nobs. If it’s there, it will be seen.

Only good for select markets.

Some real estate agents argue that 3D real estate photography is only good for select markets, such as certain high end listings. In reality, very few agents are able to sell a listing to an average buyer on the internet for an average small town home.

Consider the cost

To Wait or Invest?

When 3D photography first was released commercially, real estate agents especially were on the fence about whether or not to invest. Agents debated on forums whether or not the 3D technology was truly worth the investment. Matterport, a key 3D camera distributor, was especially a subject of hot debate.  

Some real estate agents thought the technology would eventually lose momentum and go “belly up” like Circle Pix. Others believed it might be an investment, but to wait until the market was saturated enough to buy one on eBay at a cheaper price. However, as Forbes magazine contributors all emphasize, real estate photography and marketing is changing, with 3D virtual tours being a key player. 

The truth is, it is difficult to sell a home online. Whether you have traditional 2D photography or immersive virtual tours, it’s hard to sell a home before you get a customer in the front door. However, you may get return on investment that you never expected. Building brand awareness, brand preference, and building rapport with future customers are all possible benefits of investing in new technology rising in popularity. 

take your own pictures

If you want to take your own pictures, you can be expecting to buy some of these tools:

  • Camera – $400 for a D7000
  • Lens – $720-$800, depending on the lenses you choose
  • Lighting – $105, from third-party companies, like Yongnuo YN-568EX 
  • Filters – $60 – $90, depending on what kind
  • Tripod – $260, inclding a ballhead
  • Extra – $190 or less (microfiber cloth, camera bag, sticky paper, extra batteries, memory cards)
  • Editing software – $140 for Adobe Lightroom

It can cost up to a grand total of $2,135 for a one-lens setup, and $2,085 for the two lens combo. Keep in mind, this would be assuming you need to operate all of these items. (For more details on beginning photography equipment, click here.)

hire a professional real estate photographer in dallas

See Expertise‘s list of 2018 best real estate photographers in Dallas.

Buy a 3D Camera

Matterport is one of the leading 3D camera companies that sells high-resolution reality capture, enabling you to shoot, edit, and share complete 3D walkthroughs. See some of their 3D cameras for sale below!

Pro 3D - $1,899 USD
Pro2 Lite 3D - $2,495
Pro2 3D - $3,955 USD

*Pricing may vary according to package size and/or may be subject to change.

hire a contractor

If you’re not ready to buy a 3D camera, but you still want better quality images for select homes, contacting a local, professional 3D scanning contractor are a good way to go.

Depending on the type of package you choose, Arrival 3D real estate photography services in Dallas can be as low as $150. Call 866-687-7784 for a quote today!


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